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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Ben has to be leaving soon, too. Felix already relocated to LA.
  2. You can already see them building up Ben leaving with the links back to Oakey.

    Felix has already filmed a pilot for CBS as well - let's hope that it gets picked up.

    The scene with Susan and Xanthe outside Izzy's hotel room the other day and then Susan sneaking in was everything. I am loving every scene between Karl, Susan and Izzy.
  3. I’ll be gutted when Ben leaves.

    Will they ever address all the plot holes from Christmas (who actually killed Hamish, who saved piper when she nearly died in the bush, who put Gabe on the Brennan’s doorstep) or is it all just forgotten?

    Mark drop kicking the ball at the Gabe’s pram was unintentionally hilarious

    I never thought I’d see Susan and Izzy arguing like it’s 2005 again but I enjoy each time it happens! I live for Susan’s snugness when she gets one over on Izzy
  4. I'm assuming they're saving all of that for Piper's eventual exit storyline so they can free Tyler and she can go to be with him.

    Either that or they really have forgotten about it.
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  5. This is really annoying me too. Not the mention the person who knocked on Sheila's door. It seemed like they were definitely leading up to someone else being revealed as the killer, and then it just never happened. I wonder if they didn't know Tyler was planning to quit when they started writing it and then just had to change it as they went along to fit in his exit.
  6. I'll miss his Felix so much, he has the most beautiful face.
  7. Urgh piper doesn’t deserve to be happy she’s so annoying (is that really shady?)
    I was thinking they’d just changed the storyline to coincide with Tyler’s exit but it just feels really lazy
  8. Where is Dee Bliss?
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  9. Does anyone remember when Carmella had a pan of boiling water thrown in her face by I’d like to say her sister. Only had a small scar which lasted about 2 weeks until Paul paid for her to get the scar removed.
  10. I assume she will return when Sonya is back as it feels pointless before that point.
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  11. BTG


    It was her crazy cousin Theresa whose baby Carmella had sold and then the baby died anyway and it drove Theresa crazy. Only an icon.
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  12. Did she throw the water in her face so she could steal Sky’s baby. I know the lady in prison did but I can’t remember if Theresa also did.
  13. BTG


    Yes! She threw the water over Carmella's face then set fire to the hospital but I think Dylan stole the baby before Theresa could.
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  14. I’m surprised this child hasn’t shown up as a suddenly 16 year old to live with Karl and Susan.
  15. Remember Carmella’s brief stint as a nun? Iconic to say the least and sort of reverse Jack (i.e. hotty then servent of god)
  16. Remember Rosie and Pepper? Two of my all-time favourite Neighbours characters. Both funny & charming and such a great portrayal of loving female friendship.

    They were onscreen for like, 9 months.
  17. I missed a sizeable chunk of Neighbours after it moved to Channel 5. I didn't see it again until the digital switchover. There are so many characters I am only vaguely aware of!
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  18. Rosie and Pepper were great, it was a shame they didn't stick it out long.

    Their 2 male housemates were zads too.
  19. The producers playing dodgy, cheap Mafia music any time Carmella's Dad appeared on-screen was iconic.
  20. I remember being in a Facebook group called Pepper is fit.

    Ah to be young and dumb enough to think you’re straight.
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