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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. I just have to say, even though it was a dream sequence in the end, Susan pushing that cake into Izzy’s face was genius!!! As was the smug look after she’d done it
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  2. I want this to get picked up and for this to be somewhat successful so that people start swooning over him and I can be smug and be all like "I've been swooning for 3 years".

    Also, I hope this means his Kiss Kiss is arriving.
  3. I haven't watched Neighbours for about 15 years but I heard there was some kinda gay sex scene so took a look at the Ryan Thomas scenes.

    It's….. different.
  4. Nooooo!!!

    Goodbye Izzy, her return storyline was the best thing about Neighbours in years. She was always one of my favourite characters and I’m pleased that hasn’t changed

    I’m also gutted about Ben leaving but for other reasons
  5. Tell me in spoiler what happened please!
  6. Why does this sound really sexual
  7. With Izzy? I’m not sure what you know so from the top...

    after stealing Karl’s ‘sample’ from the fertility trial and patting her tummy so as to imply what she’d done with it she does the test and finds out she’s not pregnant. In a last ditch effort she throws herself as Karl who has decided to grow a pair and rejects her. He reminds her of a conversation they once had (I wanted a flashback) about making the most of what you’ve got. Susan decides to get even in her own wonderful way and suggests Izzy stays and they make their dysfunctional family setup work. In the end Izzy decides she can’t do it and leaves Holly at the Kennedy’s with a note. Karl tells her he’s disappointed in her and she simply replies “that makes everyone”... heartbreaking really
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  8. Now that Izzy is gone, I’m going to take another break from Neighbours. None of the other storylines are holding my interest right now.
  9. Today's episode was actually brilliant.

    Natalie Bassingthwaighte put in an amazing performance, it was genuinely quite heartbreaking.
  10. I just wish she'd stayed rich, and left Erinsborough pregnant with Wayne's baby after a mixup in the lab.
  11. There goes another child abandoned at Karl & Susan's doorstep.
  12. So Chole Brennan has finally arrived looking straight out of a advert like the rest of the female cast.

    I’m imaging that ‘unique’ and ‘quirky’ personality will have all but disappeared in a few months

    Does anyone know if Jack ends up leaving with Paige? I’m getting my hopes up here people!

    Edit: actually don’t tell me I want to be surprised
  13. So I got back into Neighbours after quite a break (I’d watched the odd episode here and there) due to Izzy’s return and Ryan Thomas joining.

    I’ve reachd the episode where Rafael goes back to England. Is that it for him now? I might stop watching if it is. With Izzy gone too I’m finding everything else a bit of a slog to get through.
  14. Yeah that's him done now. Although if his awful acting was the only thing keeping you interested, it's probably best to give up haha.

    Although Dee Bliss will be coming back soon, so it'd be madness to stop now.
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  15. Haha well I watch Corrie so I was intrigued about him being in it. I thought he was better than he was in Corrie but definitely wasn’t the best.

    Oh really? I thought that story was done. Ok, maybe I’ll wait it out.
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  16. No it's about to kick off again. Andrea is definitely back and possibly Real Dee too, so it could get amazingly crazy.
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  17. Now Izzy has left I’m all for Dee returning.. I was okay with that being it for Dee/Andrea but at the same time I don’t hate the idea of more.

    I called Ellie’s mystery man being Amy’s ex as soon as he reappeared. Funnily I’m usually clueless at guessing storylines and plots but for some reason with neighbours I’m friggin rain man.

    This is where I would say “more Ben please” but that ain’t happening so, I dunno more.. David please? (To be fair David is super adorable.. and yes still too good for useless Aaron)
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  18. David is powerfully erotic.
  19. I can’t beliebe Baby Ben landed himself an American TV gif that fast.

    If it’s somewhat successful I’m not ready for people to swoon over him. Cos he was mine first.
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  20. Based on the trailer he’s not going to be that successful. His British accent is... just his normal voice ddd
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