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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. You really can. She's obviously having a ball, just as much as the audience are.

    Also, a few amazing scenes this week:

    - Heather only being in the flat one night and already having three pr four empty wine bottles strewn all over.
    - Andrea's overly-eager pit sniffing.
    - Heather seeing Toadie and squealing then quickly forcing her sunglasses back on.
    - Andrea sucking Ian's fingers and then rubbing her tongue on her apron as soon as she'd thrown him out.
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  2. !!!!!!

    Just as we expected...

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  3. I'm gonna buy a wig just so I can lose it.
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  4. Ok they need to just hire me.
  5. BTG


    You know Andrea is going to throw Dee off that cliff...
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  6. Isn't Madeleine West sticking around for a while?

    I wonder if...
    they'll make it look like one has died or is in a coma and then reveal that it is actually the other one that has been living in Erinsborough all this time, and they switched places? They've done this sort of thing before...
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  7. They are definitely going to keep us guessing with who has gone over.
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  8. If Dee goes over she'll probably cling to a branch or something and then follow Andrea to Erinsborough to warn Toadie that she's dangerous.

    Either that or Dee pushes Andrea in self defence and then goes back to the street pretending to be Andrea dddd. A real full circle moment!
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  9. This is so Dee-licious.
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  10. I'm still routing for Izzy in a speedboat.
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  11. Not Neighbours stripping of my clothes, wig and jewellery!

    I swear to god
    that if Andrea pushes Dee to her doom, I will riot!
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  12. I wish Sonya was around for this.
    Imagine if she pushed Dee off the cliff thinking it was Andrea.
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  13. Remember when Max ran down Paul's good twin son thinking it was the evil one. When the evil one had been framing the good one for things. Don't remember how that ended.
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  14. BTG


    The evil one went to prison and they inexplicably chose never to revisit it despite the fact it’s a goldmine.

    Then again, waiting 16 years for Dee has made it all the better.
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  15. Looks like it's definitely Dee who ends up 'falling'...


    Although Queen has already survived falling off one cliff, a second is no big deal to her.
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  16. Izzy and Andrea should team up to scam Ramsay Street, beginning with destroying Susan once and for all and using their home to house all their hot boy toys.
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  17. So Andrea remembers a red haired woman visiting her when she was a child asking if Heather was looking after her well... A red haired woman, hmm?

    Here's Magda Bliss, Dee's mum...

  18. Madeleine West dropped a spoiler. Seems like she wasn’t meant to though.
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  19. This is shaping up to be everything I wanted and more.
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  20. It's definitely Dee who goes over the cliff. During their confrontation, Andrea sizes her up to better be able to mimic her and then seizes her opportunity to get rid of her once and for all, and pushes her off the cliff. Andrea then goes straight back to Ramsey Street and once again tells Toadie that she's Dee (dddddd)...

    However, what Andrea doesn't realise is that Heather turns up and rescues Dee, who is hanging on for dear life, because she mistakenly thinks she's Andrea (ddddd) which forces Dee to follow Andrea to Erinsborough. This leads to Toadie being confronted by 2 women claiming to be Dee, and they then battle to prove which one of them is the real Dee-al.
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