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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. We lived!!

    Turning up with her own wine glass! I mean how can you not love it

    more Ned chasing things away in just his shorts please
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  2. I’m perched for Scarlett vs. Paul

    and “YOU’RE CRAZY! YOU’RE NOT CRAZY ENOUGH” is the new “stop looking at me like I’m a woman... an available woman”
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  3. Nothing can ever top that iconic moment from Our Lady Of Inappropriate Lust.
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  4. It’s been announced that Mackenzie will be a regular in 2020! Great news!

    I hope we get more of her friendship/dynamic with Harlow and Yashvi. And I hope Sheila adopts her.
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  5. I’d like this too, if no other reason than I just want Amy to move out of the Canning’s house.. the whole dynamic of living with her ex who is her current boyfriend’s dad is just too bizarre
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  6. I love Neighbours but I become completely confused on a regular basis with who is living where. I wish they had room at the Kennedy house to have Hendrix though (Finn can lose his key and not return).
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  7. Are we ever going to meet Mackenzie’s aunt?
  8. Oh Sheila. What a woman.
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  9. Pierce and Hendrix are set to move in with Chloe at Mark's place.

    Regarding the Canning and the Robinson/Willis household, At least it's not like the Slater residence on EastEnders where it seemed that 12 people were living there at one time.
  10. The Rebecchi’s house though, that thing is like a Tardis
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  11. Damn 7 people. 8 if Mackenzie moves in.
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  12. No wonder poor Clancy has been relegated to stock dog barking sound effects coming from the garden
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  13. I love how Scarlett has gone full blown psychopath in about two weeks. It reminds me of Hollyoaks when one of the Valentine kids went from smoking pot once to a hardened heroin addict in the same amount of time.
  14. These kind of storylines have the potential to become very annoying very quickly so I’m hoping that’s the show’s reason for having it progress so fast
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  15. Scarlett holding Ned hostage on their getaway should be fun.
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  16. More scenes of Ned topless in a hospital bed please! Also, I'd love more scenes of Paul interacting with people on the street besides Terese.

    Also, only in soap land can someone Finn can do accounting in one day.

    Although Kyle is a bit more useless than Aaron, Kyle is still my favorite bonehead and the best male character on the street. Sorry Ned!
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  17. I forgive you but only because you (correctly) recognise the need for more of him without a shirt

    I always prefer Kyle (and most people) over Aaron
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  18. I was dying at Scarlett bathing Ned- she's honestly iconic. If they can make Finn and Peirce permanent, surely she can be, too.
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  19. If they can revert Finn into a normal human being, surely they can Scarlett! Make her turn Amy into a bad girl!
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