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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. “I guess you’re too busy enabling his behaviour” Yes Harlow, drag him!!

    I’m sure we’re due a Roxy style character development for Hendrix, but at the moment it’s becoming a bit of a chore to watch.

  2. wonder how Marlene’s cruise is going...
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  3. Sheila is every icon.

    Halloween looks so iconic in a way only Neighbours can deliver.
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  4. When Scarlett turns up in the psych ward, I hope she and Andrea plot to break out and burn down Ramsey Street.
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  5. Throw in Dame Julie Quill and her white business suit eleganza (and bizarre accent) and you’ve got an iconic storyline right there.

    I think it’s about time to have Our Lady or Inappropriate Lust and Thirsty Glances turn up for a guest spot. Possibly to leer at Ned’s tits.
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  6. Stefan should beg the writers to get Julie back. Kind of iconic knowing she’s Stefan’s wife in real life.
  7. Oh my god, Scarlett stabbing Ned with the world's sharpest cheese knife inside a giant maze dressed as a bride while two of his ex-girlfriends rush to save him is easily one the greatest moments in television history.
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  8. I'm living for the show taking inspiration from barmy 1980s America soap operas. Dee Bliss coming back from the dead and being Dame Andrea's unknown twin sister, Scarlett stabbing Ned in the Maze of Horrors, Paul's ex-wives turning up to make his life hell ahead of his wedding to Terese, Bea dating the same man who used her to wreak vengeance against the Kennedy's, Sheila being a camp icon and screeching drunkenly at medical dinner parties.

    Give Queen T some shoulder pads and an impossible glamour wardrobe and an excuse to march in to rooms to bellow at everyone. She deserves to be the new Joan Collins/Alexis Carrington of soap.
  9. Scarlett chasing Ned around in the maze was iconic.
  10. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    It really was. Brilliant Halloween episode all around! All that was missing was the ghost of Kate Ramsay chopping limes.

    I also loved that everyone back in Ramsay Street somehow knew that things had already escalated at the B&B even though they had no idea that Scarlett would turn so quickly.
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  11. We going to watch Erinsborough High?
  12. Just catching up on the last 2 weeks.. Scarlett sponging Ned down in the bath? Someone’s been reading my diary...
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  13. Can you imagine the disappointment of having a seance with Kate Ramsey?
  14. Ok I’ll be watching Erinsborough High cos it’s only 5 episodes and because I’m hoping Hendrix and Harlow get some character development.
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  15. I was thinking the same thing. I don't get how she's still trying to get a storyline even in death.

    But as for everything that happened in the maze, I could have watched that go on forever. The Urban Legene-esque character switch for Scarlett once she'd been found out, threatening Ned with a butter knife, stomping round the maze and screaming! There wasn't a single moment of it that wasn't iconic. Even her "Trick or treat" to Paul. This show really just keeps on giving doesn't it.
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  16. I want Pierce. I just decided he's mine.

    The Roxy and Chloe dress thing was so camp. Loved it.

    Ugh, Ned is soooo hot when he's unkept.
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  17. Oh great, Denise is back. This show giveth one week, taketh the next.
  18. Her and Harlow’s interactions were very forced.
  19. I actually enjoy Prue, but this whole sex tape business is stretching credulity. They could have had the exact same story line with her rushing over hearing that Harlow had been mowed down by Hendrix, or that Ned had just been stabbed. Or that she'd Googled 'Erinsborough High' and discovered that her daughter was living 3 doors down from someone who attempted to murder hundreds of students.
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  20. Never thought I’d be saying this, but I’m really liking Amy’s storyline and how her character is dealing with the hidden camera scandal.

    Ooh was Ned’s encounter with Olivia the lead up for Erinsborough High?
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