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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. This is amazing news on all accounts and further adventures from both Dee and Heather would be incredible.
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  2. BTG


    Can they hurry on and cancel this version of Footballer’s Wives so Madeleine can just return to Neighbours?

    Surely this has got to be Dee reconnecting with Heather? Especially since her backstory went so unexpectedly tragic at the end of that last stint.
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  3. “I didn’t think he’d react this way”.. really Pierce?!

    Urgh I’m over Prue already
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  4. How long is Denise's stint for?
  5. The thing is with Prue, she's a good character on paper. I can't remember if Neighbours has done a cult storyline before, but it has the potential to not only affect Harlow, but the rest of the Robinsons as well. It will no doubt get dramatic, but Denise Van Outen just doesn't have the range.

    Also, I watched all five episodes of Erinsborough High tonight and I really enjoyed it. I really hope Jeremiah finds his way into the main show because I liked the character and the actor.
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  6. Imma try to find a way to watch Erinsborough High. The initial reviews have been favorable.

    I love how they’re giving Kirsha more screen time just to kick her off the show ddd.
  7. Do not tell me Ned joins Fight Club.
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  8. Sheila is such an icon embracing being the other woman.
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  9. Oh wow, Ned's fight club friend. I'm rather excited for a couple weeks of shirtless fighting scenes from him.
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  10. I.... don’t know what to make of this
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  11. Let's start a petition for Holly Valance to return for the 35th Anniversary.
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  12. I'm loving saucy scheming Sheila.
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  14. Did anyone else watch Erinsborough High? I found it alright but felt disappointed by the reveal near the end.. mostly because the lack of range from the actress playing the vice principal

    I have a crush on Ritchie
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  16. I loved Erinsborough High but was disappointed by the end reveal. I loved the development of Hendrix (and the more Benny Turland the better).
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  17. I agree about Hendrix I just hope all the character development transfers over to the main show and isn’t just left in the spin-off, his attention seeking ‘antics’ were starting to get old
  18. Wait am I seeing a Finn/Elly/Bea love triangle brewinng?

    Drama just radiates to Queen Elly doesn’t it
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  19. The list of returnees so far for the 35th anniversary:

    Paige Smith
    Jack Callahan
    Mark Brennan
    Mark Gottlieb
    Lucy Robinson
    Des Clarke
    Jane Harris
    Dylan Timmins



    Sky fucking Mangel!!!!
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