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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. There are rumours that Collette Mann's abrupt exit was due to her refusing to be vaccinated. Not sure if that's true, but Damian Richardson - who played her son Gary - is an anti-vaxxer/anti-lockdown protester, so it makes sense.

    Someone on Twitter said they should have got Caroline Gillmer in to complete Sheila's scenes, as Collette filled in for her in the 90s as Cheryl Stark when Caroline was ill. The show missed a trick there!
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  2. Oh God, I remember that. She looked and sounded absolutely nothing like Cheryl, it was so distracting.
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    When did Sheila get written out?
  4. Yesterday was her last episode, and then all her ‘exit’ scenes are next week when she’s off screen.

    I imagine the most likely scenario is that she was axed to save budget and then refused to film an exit in protest dd.
  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    That’s actually a shame. I can’t really imagine the show without her in it.
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  6. BTG


    I’m not claiming to know any tea but let’s put it this way… If she genuinely thought she had a right to be angry over her exit, she’d be airing her grievances online. She’s never been one to bite her tongue.

    The mutual silence speaks volumes.
  7. I mean Sheila was in it for ten years!! There was definitely drama there but it all seems like it doesn't matter as much now with the news this week.
  8. MB


    A campaign to get the theme tune on the charts has been gaining some traction today

    The theme song is now #2 on iTunes. Amazing work! Get it downloaded.
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  9. The theme song is Number 1 on UK iTunes. Time for a Barry Crocker thread to be opened in Comeback Corner.
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  10. I just looked up Caroline Gilmer's age and she was born in 1955, making her only about 40 when she was playing Cheryl back then. Those 90s mum fashions were not flattering.

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  11. AFAIK When Ten moved Neighbours shows on digital channels didn't count towards the quota at all, and Ten went with the (correct) assumption that no-one would do anything about the fact that they weren't hitting the quota.

    It's a double edged sword in way, since it's now left the show reliant on Channel 5, but at least once it was shoved onto 11/Peach the executives at Ten stopped meddling and the show was able to recover.
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  12. Is Sheila that much of an exit to be upset about, anyway?

    She has been hanging on in the main Neighbours home for years. Various family members coming in and out to accommodate her.

    She was supposed to be a friendlier version of Nell Mangel, but I never found her that likeable.
  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I liked her as that overbearing meddler and she brought some decent over the top moments.
  14. To be honest I would have happily see Sheila axed years ago. They rarely hit the right balance with her, and it's a bit frustrating that she was hanging around taking up space in the cast, but at this stage it doesn't really matter.
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    When is the Harlow goes to London storyline airing?
  16. Normally anything in 'Next Year on Neighbours' happens in the first 3 months of the year because of the way they film, but because it's in London and would have had to be filmed whenever Jemma was there so it might be slotted in later in the year I guess.
  17. Terese flinging glassware at Paul in her wedding dress for ruining her life (again) was worth the price of admission alone! I love this show
  18. Also, why is Zara’s awful friend with the Hendrix thirst account me…
  19. Terese running through reception in her wedding dress is the kind of iconic moment that I live for from this show.

    It's weird to think that this time last week we were just getting the news that the show could possibly be ending. I'm still holding at hope that something can be done - it feels like it's been a constant on the news and all over social media. I'm hoping that the reactions to how this has all been handled and the way that fans have been showing their love for the cast and the show, will put a good case forward that the show should be saved. Even the Masked Singer final almost felt like a tribute to the legacy of the show.

    Neighbours has been in my life for as long as I can remember and even though I dropped off for a bit (regrettably missing out on those Lusty Looks of Lauren that gets mentioned here a lot), I'm loving the show at the moment and feel it's in a really strong place. And I've even bonded with people on this forum through our love of the show.

    Neighbours feels like such a soap staple, in the same way that EastEnders and Corrie do. And as much as Corrie is a chore to watch at the moment, I couldn't imagine it not being on air. August is still such a way away, so hoping for some kind of turnaround before then.
  20. She had her jabs because she posted a pic on either on Twitter or Instagram last year after she'd had one of them. The caption was something like "it's the only way out of this".
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