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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. All vaccinated according to this insta post.

    Given that the exit is SO low key, I’m drawing the unfortunate conclusion that it was quite possibly her that Shareena complained about.

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  2. I know some people are saying that, but then why come back for such a brief time after there was a production break? Surely they would have told her not to bother if they were happy to work around such an abrupt exit.

    Sharon Johal also pointed the finger at several cast members, not just one. It's most likely some disagreement over money and contracts. Apparently, some of the cast didn't get their contracts renewed for as long as normal - they clearly knew something was wrong.

    Next week should see the full version of the new opening titles without Colette in them. Quite sad she's gone, I always enjoy an interfering old busy body in soaps.
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ben Hall’s contract didn’t get renewed but like Ned has always been unfairly in the background.

    Who did Sharon call out? I just realized she doesn’t follow any current cast member aside from Stefan Dennis and Alan Fletcher.
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  4. She didn't name names.

    It's criminal to deny us Ben Hall on a daily basis.
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  5. She didn't mention anyone specifically.

    I'll have to use the character names because I don't know all the actor's names;
    There was an incident where Dipi posted a picture to her instagram of herself and the 3 children when Jay was in the show, and then Sheila posted the same picture with Shane captioned something along the lines of 'Here's the uncropped version', which I think was the first indication that Dipi/Shane didn't get on.

    It could be nothing, because Neighbours drops friendships all the time, but Dipi/Sheila were initially set up as besties and then that disappeared, to the extent that they didn't even have scenes together when Dipi moved into Sheila's house.

    Besides the off-screen exit, the fact that they didn't put Amy into the Waterhole and instead awkwardly gave her a new job points to a very hasty write out, for whatever reason.
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  6. I haven't seen this show since the 90s when I moved off to college, but am still sad to hear it might end.

    It truly was a cult in the late 80s. Everyone in our class watched it bar one rebel, and he was socially ostracised largely based on his inability to discuss Scott, Charlene, Mike, Plain Jane Super Brain, Jim Robinson, Mrs Mangel, Kerry & Joe, Des & Daphne, Bouncer, and the difference between the 3 Lucys...

    I think @Vasilios mentioned somewhere recently that it invaded Smash Hits and almost eclipsed the actual popstars due to the size of its following.

    Home & Away was fine, but never as good. I stopped that when Bobby's orphan son Sam became a regular as he made me want to kick in the TV every day.
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  7. How I cackled
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  8. Wasn't it Annalise's mum who killed poor old Jim?
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  9. He died of a heart attack. Annalise's mum found him, started to call an ambulance but then chose to let him die.

    It was good practice for Alan Dale's TV career in the US, as his characters on The OC and Ugly Betty died in the same way.
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  10. Well remembered!

    If I remember rightly he died similarly in Dynasty too although he kept coming back as a ghost!
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  11. Neighbours was on FIRE in the mid-90's

    It must have been not long after this evil (and a first crush) Michael Martin tried to drown his step-mum in a jacuzzi
    Poor Cody as well
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  12. Michael trying to make Julie go insane was funny. Didn't she fall off a building later anyway?

    Hannah 'Button' was just painful (apart from that time she pretended she was dying so pop star Dale would come and visit her and sing his hit 'Save the Whales'), and the older daughter (Debbie?) used to deliver every... line... in bizarre fits... and starts.
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  13. The actress who played Hannah is a TV news anchor in Germany now!
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  14. Yeah, she fell during a Murder Mystery Weekend the whole street attended (never leave Erinsborough!). The writers wanted it to be a suicide, but the network blocked it
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  15. Button!! Oh god, she was bad. I hated her.
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  16. Such a shame!
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  17. Island

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    I have faith that the show will have a great ending. What a shame.

  18. Looks like it really is done

    what a shame I’m absolutely gutted
  19. Maybe it can have a new life on streaming with those 9000 episodes.
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  20. Do you remember when Hannah went to France for a year and came back with a bob cut and precocious attitude? Quite a plausible character development but not a great idea to make an unlikeable character even worse.

    The incredible range of her Dad though, all round nice guy Philip, as he was previously the evil soap baddie in Sons And Daughters.
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