Neighbours - unmissable drama

My favourite Lynn rumour was that she died falling off the top of a hot air balloon.

I can't remember the full rumour details but it was either stalking Paul or trying to get away from him on their honeymoon. Either way, She climbed out the basket onto the top of the balloon (somehow) and then fell to her doom.

I remember that rumour! It was because they changed the opening titles to cartoon animation at the time, and they had a hot air balloon in the background showing Lyn. Fans thought the opening titles were trying to give hints as to what was happening in the future.

As it turned out, she left aghast and crying on her wedding day to Paul when he told her he couldn’t promise he wouldn’t cheat on her.
Was the actress that played Rosie considered bad? What’s the tea about her waking up in the gutter?

No, Rosie was pretty popular.

Frazer and Rosie sort of faded into the background after they got married, and it was assumed it was because her and Ben Lawson/Frazer didn't get on, but it's possible there were problems with the actress.
Rosie and Pepper got me so obsessed with the show when they turned up with Fraser (and that other guy? Greg?) and the whole show revolved around them for a brief but glorious moment. They had great natural chemistry which gave their whole dynamic amazing energy. And both actresses had surprisingly sharp comic timing - they really fit that sense of irreverence that characterises Neighbours at its best.

Gosh, what a trip down memory lane I just took myself on.
Been catching up lately before it ends. Dddd at Tammin Sursok still not being able to nail down an American accent.
Kyle and Roxy are going to get a 'goodbye' episode, right? Toadie was speaking as if they'd gone already, but I assume that was a slip up