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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. To be fair, Kylie not coming back has probably given me two of my favourite explanations for a no-show;

    1) She didn't come to her mother's funeral because she was 'too sad' and walked a dog instead
    2) None of them came to her son's wedding because she arrived at Melbourne Airport, was told he had (supposedly) jilted his bride at the alter so just got on the next flight back to Brisbane
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  3. I knew this was coming. I'm assuming that Hendrix's cough is a symptom of a life threatening illness, so if he's back for that/ to shower money on the Kennedys or buy Lassiter's for Terese then I'm fine with it.
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    We wanted Daddy Don though.
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  5. Montana’s ridiculous ‘escape’ in Amy’s truck was as iconic as her entire character but it made me even more upset this bonkers show is finishing
  6. I could watch Paul and Terese playing power games and taking it in turns to trade smug looks at one another all day
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  7. I loved everything about Montana, but I'm not sure I ever understood what her plan actually was, and also why she didn't immediately grass Paul up to everyone else.
  8. Agree on the sentiments regarding Montana, a wild camp ride, and Tammin appeared to enjoy every moment of it.

    Also, got to give a lot of love to Amy. I love how she’s come back two decades later and is still wonderfully self obsessed. The throuple to the fall out from Ned’s affair has been wonderful to watch. It’s a shame we won’t see the potential of what her character has to offer over the next few years due to the shows axe.
  9. Montana was everything that we needed her to be and I will miss her.

    I thought Hendrix, Mackenzie, Karl and Susan honestly offered stunning performances yesterday. I am even more frustrated about the lost of the show when it's this good. I genuinely was crying at the heartbreaking scene with Hendrix and then laughing at the next scene with the ridiculousness of the Order guy hiding behind the bush in plain view of Terese.
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  10. Good bunch of returns! A few not there that I’m surprised at like Libby, Steph, Flick, Beth etc
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  11. Izzy Hoyland - they nailed the returns on this one alone.
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  12. Excluding Susan possibly my favourite ever neighbours character. Their scenes together were golden
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    I’m guessing Lauren is coming back with Paige….. to see Terese?
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  14. Ned is also back, obvious Lauren and Ned elope to Erinsborough to finally consummate their love.

    I wouldn't be opposed to Terese leaving Erinsborough, just so in my imagination she is free of Paul, so maybe she moves up to Queensland to be nearer Mathilda, or Adelaide for Piper (and Paige I guess)
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    She should be free of Brad too! Have her move and find a boy toy to live happily ever after with.
  16. If we don’t get a scene of Lauren lurking by her old swimming pool and gasping thirstily at inappropriate men then we will have been ROBBED.
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  17. As somebody who missed the original storyline, I would love this just so I can experience what you all experienced!
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  18. My favourite part of that entire plot was that she spent months lusting after Brad and then as soon as she got him, she began lusting after Ned! It was iconic television! Queen of Inappropriate Thirst!
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    Stop looking at me like I’m a woman. An available woman.

    ugh, what a time to be alive
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  20. Alan Fletcher has addressed the concerns about his recent hair loss, in true 'Fletch' style. He is such a class act.

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