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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Island

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    Queen Natalie Bassingthwaighte is filming today!
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  2. The Friday Hendrix/Mackenzie episode was just such a stunning piece of television. I'm going to miss this show so much. It's still on top form and had me crying once again. Both actors really embodied their characters and it was even fun to see Pierce 1 back.
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  4. The thought of Bouncer dreaming about Lyn’s hair, Terese’s wine in the washing machine, the Izzy Hoyland arc.

    Iconic dog behaviour if it happens.
  5. Peak Neighbours, teebs.

    That and Lauren lusting after Ned across the Swimming Pool of Shame.
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  6. Island

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    The Dee/Andrea storyline. Still the most riveting storyline on television.
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  7. Island

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    Guy Pearce!

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  8. This week of Neighbours with the Hendrix and Kennedy family was genuinely stunning television again. Terese's mum is giving us everything we need as well. It's very clear that they are accelerating with the storylines now. I, once again, cried at the Tuesday episode - this show will ruin me over the next two months.
  9. Island

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    Filming wraps up next week.
  10. This makes me so sad. I love living in a world where it's still going on presently. I saw that studio tours are wrapping on July 31st. My time at the set of Neighbours was just the most magical time - I never thought I'd get to sit on the Kennedy's sofa and pretend to make a coffee in Harold's but it happened. I'm convinced that much of the extra land beyond the actual studio (which is a protected building) will be bought up for housing as there is so much housing literally all around it.
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  11. They've had planning permission for years to build on the back-lot.

    Supposedly the death is 'out there' on the episode guides on Virgin so watch out if you don't want to know
  12. I imagine that Power Road will be the first casualty based on where the rest of the houses are. They have so much land there.

    I saw who it is. I'm dreading it already!
  13. Terese’s mum being 100% over the top at all times (that staring contest with the bracelet) automatically makes her the best character on the show

    I’m once again gutted to realise that great new characters like Freya have come into the show far too late
  14. So I think I’ve just seen who the death is. Just scrolling twitter and there was a link to a digitalspy post right there. No spoiler tags or anything. I hate people
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  15. Fucking digitalspy, they are the worst - I'm managing to avoid it so far
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  16. Island

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    No member of the Scully family returning just seems wrong. I’d even accept Lyn driving by just to hurl abuse at Paul from her car window and then drive off.
  17. It won’t be right without Queen Lyn wailing “OH STEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFYYYYY!” at the top of her lungs!
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  18. Island

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    Lyn returning to tell Paul that she’s still Mrs. Robinson during the Ex wives storyline was iconic.
  19. Steph, Flick & Lynn coming back for a little cameo would be great! Maybe they still
    Have a few surprises up their sleeve
  20. Lyn and Queen Rebecca rolling around the lawn after getting caught pulling up some weeds will never not be iconic!
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