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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. I have a suspicion that Carla Bonner is unvaxed which would rule her out, but I am surprised at no Lyn
  2. Kylie talking a little bit about neighbours
    Also is that picture going about of Kylie & Jason on the set real?
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  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The last day of filming was today.

    When can we petition for a nighttime drama centering around Nicolette.

  4. On some level it still doesn’t feel real.. maybe if it had been limping toward and natural end for a few months then sure but it’s sooo good right now!
  5. Well, the last two episodes have been devastating and brilliant TV drama. RIP Hendrix :(
  6. How is a show that is this good cancelled?? It's so classy that the show is playing its way out with some of its strongest material ever, head held high. They should all be proud.
  7. I don't think I've ever cried during Neighbours before and now I've cried 2 days in a row. Alan and Jackie have been amazing. Karl and Susan's goodbye with Hendrix was very moving and Jackie's tears today felt so real when they came home.

    I was really impressed with Georgie Stone's performance too. I think her acting has really improved since her first appearance.
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  8. I totally agree. It just highlights what a loss the show will be as a training and nurturing ground for young talent.
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  9. To say that I was a mess is such an understatement. I knew that I had to do both Monday and Tuesday episodes together and I literally sobbed through the Monday episode and then immediately started again at seeing Susan in the Tuesday episode. It was just heartbreaking - but absolutely brilliant - television. I'm pleased that these fabulous actors all got to show off their talents for this storyline and in other normal times I'd be absolutely gutted that Hendrix was leaving. My only complaint is that it has gone at such a rapid speed that I can barely breathe but we all know why that was.
  10. We're still behind UK here, so we just had the episode when Hendrix and Mackenzie go to Sydney... I was already crying during this episode, not sure how I'm gonna handle it.
  11. Brace yourself!! I'm still fragile days later.
  12. Well I was FLOORED by that last week.. just wow (and yes I cried)
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  13. This made me feel very sad. There is almost an uneasiness about Ten’s breakfast show being there. It has all the sensitivity of a CEO turning up to the last day of a workplace mass redundancy.

    Saw another clip where the hosts in the studio did a self congratulatory ‘it was good we did that, it felt like the right thing to do’. Fuck off.
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  14. Apparently the ‘tribute’ at the Logies was very half arsed as well
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  15. Im still waiting back from Freemantle about my Neighbours After Dark pitch, where Dames Julie Quill and Sarah Beaumont run an illicit male escort service out of Paul and Steph’s seedy motel. The Brennan Brothers and Ned will be the escorts.

    Lauren will be the company’s biggest client and Terese will be motel security to serve out side eye, stank face and to bark abuse at any unruly punters.

    Edit: Madeline West would return to play Dee Bliss and Andrea Summers! QUEEN!
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  16. Island

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    The motel set hadn’t been used in years! I don’t even know what happened to it!

    Is it the Backpackers now?
  17. Steph turned the Motel into a 'Wellness Centre', left it in the incapable hands of Gary and then fired him, and it was never seen again.

    The Backpackers was last seen when Sheila Canning II was going to turn it into an art gallery but then didn't
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  18. Any footage of it? I can just find articles.

  19. This is it. I can see why the cast would hate it. Just a bunch of scenes, no comments from cast, crew or peers about how influential the show has been. Or about the careers it launched. So poorly done.
  20. Perhaps as Neighbours is still eligible for awards next year, there will be a bigger tribute then?
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