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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Island

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    Jackie Woodburne should really get her dues.
  2. Yes it does seem a bit short for such a long-running show, but I guess they would’ve been criticised for being disingenuous if they went on too long about it when it wasn’t nominated for anything and not that big in Australia anymore.

    It might be more appropriate to have a celebration at the National TV Awards in the UK.
  3. All the cast excelled themselves with Hendrix's death and its aftermath. So beautifully done.

    In other news, I found the actress playing Estelle to be a real let down. Terese's mother needed a stronger performer in the role IMO.
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  4. Is Morgana returning for the final episode(s)? Naomi deserves a fitting send off for being such an iconic, horny queen!
  5. Sheila's recent exit was to go and help Naomi in LA with her stepchildren after Naomi's partner suddenly died, so it's doubtful.
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    I love how Annie and Charlotte genuinely adore each other.
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  7. Final episode now airing on July 28th in Aus.

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  8. I looked for news articles about this meal, but couldn’t find anything. Was it recent?
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    Yeah I believe it was over the weekend.
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  10. Maybe. But it just feels like, they knew the cast had just finished filming and would be feeling a way. There would have been nothing wrong with getting them all up on stage, to say thank you for everything the show has done. Even if they didn't feel they deserved any nominations from the past year, a proper acknowledgement of 37 years was needed. Not next year when there's a chance that most of them won't even turn up.

    Also, I love this! And well said:
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  11. First making sarge a regular cast member and now introducing Byron, the way the show ending keeps getting worse by the week
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  12. We need a late night spinoff where Byron gets arrested and Sarge is on duty.
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  13. I need this to be a week long
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  14. Judging by some of the spoilers released today, the scriptwriters must have picked storylines out of a hat.

    Shane Ramsay returning as a millionaire to potentially invest in Lassiters? Totally plausible

    Mal Kennedy ditching his wife to date Izzy? Makes perfect sense
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  15. Island

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    Not like Izzy stealing married men and swindling them is out of character, though, especially if it’s a Kennedy! Home wrecking queen.
  16. Izzy is such an icon.
  17. Island

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    I don’t know a better woman
  18. Come back and ruin everything before the finale queen
  19. So reading between the lines of what Mackenzie was saying on Friday it looks like she might have had a storyline where she struggled with an eating disorder brought on by her grief for Hendrix? Such a Shame as the actress has really come into her own recently
  20. Island

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    I’m not ready for this to go.
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