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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Has Lauren returned yet?
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  2. Not until the finale as far as I know.

    Izzy has been an absolute hoot! It's a joy to watch Alan, Jackie and Nat relishing the drama and bouncing off each other again.... "Maybe one day I might be able to call you Mum" ended me.

    Angie and Harold have been brilliant too and I'm enjoying that the returnees are mixing with a lot of the current regulars rather than just popping up in a couple of scenes with the obvious candidates.

    I'm still bereft that there are only 2 weeks left to go but we are certainly going out in celebratory fashion and on top form. The last week or so of episodes have embraced everything 'Neighboursy' about Neighbours with extra sprinkles of gooey nostalgia/in-jokes for the long term fans on top without it feeling too OTT or superfluous. There's been been some really lovely character driven writing and you can just sense the cast are having the time of their lives putting their all into proceedings.
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  3. Island

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    Izzy Hoyland. What a woman. I could watch her all day.
  4. i love all the in-jokes like when someone was looking through Harold’s book and commenting ‘Lucy likes to change her look a lot. You’d swear they were three different people!’ Amazing
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    Island Staff Member

    My favorite meta Neighbours reference was when Ned said his mom used to sing Torn to him during the 35th anniversary. That was a classic.
  6. They also had Oliver Barnes (of Oliver and Carmella fame) once singing 'Don't It Make You Feel Good' in the background of a scene with Stefan Dennis.

    I do believe Kylie has been referenced as her real life persona on the show before to, which maybe took it a bit too far!
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  7. The scenes with Izzy, Karl, Malcolm and Susan this week have been phenomenal. All of the bits with Karl and the wig were just little bits of joy but the scene when Izzy walked in to talk about 'Mallie' was amazing. I'm not ready for this to go.
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  8. Benjamin McNair just gets better with age, woof. Is he on insta?
  9. Sadly not.
  10. It’s so bittersweet that the show is ending but the fact it’s ending is surely the reason we’re getting to see Izzy (with Mal of all people! I can’t tell you how I squealed when the camera panned round to her) again
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  11. How Nat Bass managed to keep a straight face when Izzy said she hoped that she'd one day be able to call Susan mum, I've no idea.
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    She was struggling to keep a straight face when Susan mentioned the quote again yesterday.

    That was a classic.
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  13. That worked (as far as these things do) because Toadie said that Nina (Delta) could be the 'next Kylie'.

    I miss the credits a surprising amount.
  14. The Kylie double’s wig does not look great.
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  15. The finale episode pictures are sad too see but look like a great hurrah!
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    Ugh we really deserved more time with Kyle and Roxy.

    The pics got me a little teary eyed .
  17. I'm not ready to look at these photos and I'm definitely not ready for it to end. Can't believe it's so close now.
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  18. That last week was wild! I love that they’ve ditched the opening credits because there’s returning and leaving characters every 30 seconds

    I’m so sad for the end

    also, Elle Robinson!
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  19. I'm so surprised that Pippa Black hasn't gone onto big things
  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Steph! Nina! Libby! Donna (you know damn well she didn’t enter that set!)!

    Drinking game: Take a shot/swig every time Susan says "Isabelle"
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