Neighbours - unmissable drama


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I'd actually expect only one of the last batch announced to actually be on set
Delta probably would've been on set if she didn't have prior commitments.

Natalie Imbruglia and now cancelled Holly Valance are back too. And shot their scene together in London.

I hope Beth calls Flick a Tory.
STOP! I can't breathe!

Also, I screamed when Elly showed up. ICON. Nicolette continuing her reign of terror on Paul Robinson as long as he lives no matter where he moves is iconic. Build a statue of her at Lassiter's.

Even though a lot of big names are returning, Lyn Scully and Lou are still sorely missed.
I watched Neighbours when I was young with my Mum, then again bout 12 years ago. Then when I heard it was ending, I started watching again about 6 months ago and now I'm even more sad to see it ending. Really glad I've been able to get into the new characters so I could celebrate the old coming back and all the interactions. I love how much of a celebration it is / also how it's all slightly far fetched! I think they're doing a great job so far of trying to wrap up such a great show. No easy task!
Susan at brunch with Izzy the other day fiddling with the knives - iconic.

Also a few days before that, Susan looking at the picture of her, Karl and the 3 kids from when they first arrived on the street - I teared up.

I haven't watched this show since Izzy left in the mid-00s, but I am so happy I am tuning in for the end.

I remember being 16 years old in 2004 and this scene being the most dramatic/affecting thing I had ever watched up until that moment, having had Susan & Karl on the TV in the corner of the room for the past decade:

I could never stand Libby (apart from when the other actress replaced her) and I never really liked Steph but they are important to the show’s history. Very pleased with the other three returnees mentioned in that post.
Not until the finale as far as I know.

Izzy has been an absolute hoot! It's a joy to watch Alan, Jackie and Nat relishing the drama and bouncing off each other again.... "Maybe one day I might be able to call you Mum" ended me.

Angie and Harold have been brilliant too and I'm enjoying that the returnees are mixing with a lot of the current regulars rather than just popping up in a couple of scenes with the obvious candidates.

I'm still bereft that there are only 2 weeks left to go but we are certainly going out in celebratory fashion and on top form. The last week or so of episodes have embraced everything 'Neighboursy' about Neighbours with extra sprinkles of gooey nostalgia/in-jokes for the long term fans on top without it feeling too OTT or superfluous. There's been been some really lovely character driven writing and you can just sense the cast are having the time of their lives putting their all into proceedings.

Lovely post, couldn't agree more. You can just feel how much love has gone in to making these last episodes. I don't know if Chloe and Izzy have interacted before, but it's thrilling to see people from different eras interacting.

My only quibble is with Terese having doubts about Glen and making eyes at Paul again, but from Dame Rebekah's interview in Inside Soap it seems that was her input.
Natalie Imbruglia and now cancelled Holly Valance are back too.

@Robsolete is there still hope for Madeleine West?
It seems unlikely, sadly. She said earlier in the year she wouldn't be back as she was filming other projects and also launching a political career (versatile queen). She did an interview the other day though where she spoke a lot about Neighbours and got quite emotional, so with another 15 or so returnees that we don't know about, I wouldn't be shocked to see Dee and her wig on Skype with Toadie to wish him luck and give the characters a cute final moment.
Yeah, I think they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place with Dee. Madeleine’s last stint got cut short because she needed to return to her family in another state at the start of lockdown. By the time Australia reopened borders, the show had reintroduced Mel and then with the show ending, I guess they felt it was disrespectful to toss her aside after she’s been there two years.

If the show got renewed, I actually think they’d have worked towards Toadie and Amy.


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I’m surprised she’d want to be associated with such a woke show. I guess she thinks she’s like Kylie.
I mean she’s just celebrating the end and probably filmed something cute. I don’t think it’s that deep.

Lucy is still married to Mark, right?