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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Susan throughout - tears.

    Scott and Charlene by the open window - tears.

    Madge sat next to Harold - ugly tears.
  2. A peak of 3 million and average of 2.5 million viewers on the overnights with 17% share of the 9pm timeslot. Should increase further once catch-up has been added.
  3. How long before catch-ups are added and we get a final total viewing figure? Be interesting to see how this performed overall!

    Honestly, one of the best finales of a television series. Every moment was utterly perfect and the cameos and special guests just felt so right! Brilliant!
  4. Watching the last one now - why is everyone moving away?
  5. Really enjoyed the finale. A great send off.
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  6. Lou and Jellybelly should’ve both been there together.
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  7. Where was Lou?
    Where was Henry?
    Where was Annalise?
    Where was Jim Robinson’s ghost?

    When did they recast Brad?

    So many questions.
  8. The actor who plays Lou is apparently not in great health but I think they should’ve mentioned him a bit more, his daughter was there, after all.
    Craig McLachlan has had some issues recently.
    I read on another site that Annalise turned it down because she’s no longer in showbiz.
    All the ghosts were there ‘in person’ so I guess Jim couldn’t make it or wasn’t asked,

    Brad was recast in about 2012 I think. It was his recast return (and Lauren’s) that made me stop watching for good.
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  9. K so I didn’t know (or recognise) a lot of people, but well up I did!

    Weird that Kylie only uttered about 5 words.

    • Who was the guy in the video messages with the moustache?
    • Who was the guy who walked past when Susan said “some were just lost”?
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  10. Thanks!

    Also there was a dark haired ?middle aged guy that randomly kept smiling at the camera in a very cheesy way. He seemed to be on his own. I’m assuming he’s a notable character but no idea who he was.
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  11. Wasn’t the guy in the moustache Daniel MacPherson?

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  12. Yes he was. And he still looks good.
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  13. I said to the person I was watching with, 'Was Kylie paid by the word or something?!' But thinking about it, maybe she just wanted to show her face, and let other people take the spotlight, seeing as she is arguably the most successful person from the cast. If this is the cae, I like that she wanted to be there, but took a backseat.
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  14. BTG


    The guy with the moustache in the video was Tad Reeves.

    Dan MacPherson was Joel AKA the stunningly gorgeous man who actually made it to the party and smiled at the camera in a cheesy way because he clearly filmed at a different time to everyone else.
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  15. That was Dan MacPherson? Wow I’ll have to rewatch.

    I remember these two now:
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    Yeah, he kept looking at Susan like he was in the LOST finale and was greeting her in the afterlife.
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  17. Does he have any connection to anyone still in the show and has he been in it recently or is he literally just walking into the street alone and smiling at Susan (and balloon confetti) because…. reminiscing.
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    He was in Thursday’s and Friday’s episodes as well, he was one of Toadie’s best friends back in the day and it’s implied he was the one who potentially got Amy pregnant.
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  19. He could get me pregnant.
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  20. Where was Henry? The only one noticeable by his absence, along with Annelise and possibly Rick Alessi (*thirst*),
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