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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. There was an aesthetic revamp at the start of the year?
  2. BTG


    They dropped from filming 6 episodes per week to 5 and used the spare time to shoot on location pretty much every episode and added fourth walls to several sets.
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  3. In Dame Rebekah's recent Inside Soap interview she said that she asked the writers to reunite Paul and Terese. As much as I enjoy her and Stefan in scenes together, I was now more invested in Glen and Terese (as my avatar shows). You can tell that if the show had continued then some of Glen's stories would have been explored in more depth - getting to know Kiri, the painkiller addiction, and also Paul's reaction to Glen/Terese.
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  4. I honestly can't think of any other current soap where the fans are so emotionally connected to it. And it's not just about nostalgia. We really are losing something special. .
  5. That makes me so happy. So many long lasting connections have emerged from the show.
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  6. Can’t believe Terese was Rebekah Emaloglou - I can remember her in Home & Away and that strange Adventures on Kythera thing that also featured Cody 1.0
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  7. Ah yes the weird new camera angles from the top of Terese’s stairs
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  8. All that location work was disconcerting after years of no one ever leaving Lassiter's.

    There was also the cast re-fresh, which might just have been coincidence since the it had been very stable and they would have been the natural moving on points (I think Nicolette was the newist cast member?)
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    Yeah, I think Nic was the latest regular they added until Freya? They didn’t hire anyone during the first 18 months of the pandemic despite a few departures, so we were due a refresh.
  10. Soo.. now it’s done I’m going to need a massive box set or something so I can watch it all again
  11. Does Channel 5 finance Home & No Gays like they did with Neighbours?
  12. They do fund it through this deal - it's just that, unlike Neighbours, they are stuck with it because it's a life-of-series deal:

    With Channel 5 also meeting more than 50% of Home and Away‘s production costs, they were permitted by the ITC to include the show in their quotas as an originated series, as opposed to an acquisition.

    This played a large role in Channel 5's reason for agreeing to air Home and Away for its entire run - it allows them to hit quotas. They have argued that making UK-based shows now actually makes more financial sense when trying to hit quotes, but they're not in a position to axe Home and Away.
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  13. Maybe they should've merged the shows - have everyone who left Ramsay Street move to Summer Bay.

    And bring back Dannii Minogue.
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  14. This spliced soap idea would be iconic. We need to engineer a glitch in the matrix for this to happen.

    Did you see Dr Carl popping into the EastEnders café on social media?

    Also..... this was lovely .
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    They needed the revamp for all of Nicolette's unmissable drama.

    Was it just me or did the homes look wider in the final episodes? Especially the Kennedy’s house.
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  16. I didn't know Channel 5 contributed so much towards H&A. I imagine they've gone through that contract with a fine-tooth comb desperately looking for an out-clause (and slightly baffled they haven't moved it back into Neighbours slot on the main channel).
  17. It’s such a shame as apparently Neighbours actually gets alot more UK viewers than Home and Away, the who.e situation all seems a little unfair.
  18. However, not everything revolves around the UK.
  19. Guy Pearce carried the finale. Out of the returning legends, he was the only one actually acting.

    I stopped watching H&A even before Neighbours - I don't even think I was watching it when it ended on ITV and was off air for a year due to contractual reasons before starting on 5. Caught a bit while channel hopping recently and I see Alf is still on it. Ken Barlow/Ian Beale 'teas'.
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