Neighbours - unmissable drama

It's bittersweet to think back to just how big the show was at the end of the 80s. I can remember Madge arriving at BBC Television Centre in a black cab to announce that it would be repeated at 17:35 each day (and squealing about it), the Panini sticker book with the elusive Paul Robinson in a sailor hat sticker that nobody could ever seem to get, the one kid in our class who didn't watch and was pretty much shunned by the masses for about two years, the girl who moved to Australia and wrote a letter to the class telling us what was going to happen in it as the source of info in the years before online leaks. True cult TV.

I’m happy for the fans and for the cast! Soaps are perfect for streaming because of the volume of episodes. When Peacock picked up Days of Our Lives they said they did that to get people to keep their subscriptions month over month.

It’s nice to see a happy ending when so many soaps just get canceled.
I wonder who will be cast? From checking Instagram it seems besides the main four in that video, the cast were all totally unaware of the reboot. I thought the sets had been demolished too? Exciting news nonetheless!
Amazing news for the fans! I watched the last 2 weeks in July after dipping out for a few years and really enjoyed it so I'd be here for a limited series.

Let's hope they bring Byron Stone back


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It's good news but the timing/announcement is really strange. How were the rest of the cast not informed? And given all of the efforts behind-the-scenes to save show, it's bizarre this would be announced months later.
Maybe if Amazon chuck enough money at it Kylie might speak this time.

Seriously, I wonder if Guy Pearce could be tempted to do one limited series? He seemed to enjoy being back.


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I’m hoping if Jane returns, that she’s not heartbroken about another love interest not working out again.

Maybe we can finally get that Nicolette/Jane sitcom spin off.

It looks like a lot of the cast members are interested in returning. There are a few I could see not being too interested (April).