Neighbours - unmissable drama

I’m forming a prayer circle that Terese returns and resumes yelling and screaming at the drop of a hat.

Bring back Lauren as well so she can lust after inappropriate men by the swimming pool of shame and/or the Lassisters bins!
Good new for the fans! Guess Charlene and Scott will have moved away again haha

Haha. Yes I was saying I look forward to seeing what they’re up to now they’ve moved back to Ramsay Street! I wonder if they will explain that or just totally pretend it never happened. It didn’t seem to fit with the rest of what was happening in the “last” episode so they could just gloss over it.
This feels like a big deal for Amazon/Freevee. I wonder if it will just be a limited number of episodes like a regular drama rather than a continuous long-running soap?
HELLO EVERYONE! What a wonderful Thursday!

... and that's all I can manage right now until my jaw returns from the floor and my body/brain work out what it wants to read, where it wants to go, who it wants to tell and how it's going to handle this news in a calm and rational manner rather than me suddenly exhibiting a catalogue of panicked and clumsy verbal and non verbal ticks trying to take it all in.
Nah imshakingyouguys.jpeg

I honestly had to double check what date it was to make sure it wasn’t an April Fools!

But this is so exciting. The finale was perfect, but it was great that they ended the show in a way that means it still makes sense for it to come back. No dramatic last moment deaths, no blowing up of the street. Depending on who comes back of course, the show can pick as if it never went away.

When I hear that theme tune again I’m going to be an emotional wreck I just know it.
I thought the sets had been demolished too?

First thing I thought of when I heard the news. The same goes for the characters outside of the 4 announced that were still on Ramsay Street when it ended.

I know it happened after the first year of Neighbours when it moved Australian networks, but it will be a kii to see if any of the interior sets all end up having gone through a makeover and seeming slightly off.
As far as I know nothing happened to the sets - at the time they said they had the lease on the studio until the end of the year. The only issue I could foresee is that the residents of the real street refuse to agree to filming again, and it'll be like Covid-times and there's no street shooting.

How were the rest of the cast not informed? And given all of the efforts behind-the-scenes to save show, it's bizarre this would be announced months later.

Depends how much of the cast is returning - and I suspect it will be drip fed between now and the air date. I hope the casting decisions are story-based rather than 'everyone who happened to be there at the end'
I think we’ll get 4 or 5 additional announcements of other finale cast members and then see a lot of new cast. Maybe a shock returnee or two for hype.
I am still in a massive state of shock. I had so many messages yesterday from people sharing the news with me and I truly realised that loving this show is such a key personality trait of mine and I'm good with that.

I am pretty sure that the interior sets were persevered. They have so much land on that site that I just can't see them destroying them when they have clearly been going after this deal ever since it finished so would have really wanted to hang onto as much as possible. I'm so relieved that Jason is running the show as well as we just know it'll be handled with the love and care it deserves. I'm just so happy.
In the 80s when it was cancelled by Seven they filmed in a different studio facility to where it then ended up being filmed for 30+ years, so I can imagine that back then when it was cancelled and they didn't have the space for the sets they had to bin them. But now, even though they thought it was all over, they would have had plenty of space to keep them ... just in case (and also for fandom reasons - they'd have been stupid to not auction off props if they hadn't already).
I thought the sets had been demolished too?

"We still have the Nunawading studios. The backlot is standing and the sets are in storage. Lassiters has a few weeds but we'll fire up the lawnmower and the four star rating will be restored!

"We hope to return to Pin Oak Court, but we're prepared either way. This is a wonderful new era and if we have to make changes, I see it as an exciting opportunity."