Neighbours - unmissable drama

I've been watching some of 2014 - it's the best year they've uploaded so far by miles. I have such nostalgia for this year though as I went on the set around the time of the tornado so it hits a bit harder as I met so many of this cast then.

I have just watched episode 7000 which was so fondly spoken about on the tour and it was peak Neighbours with Karl losing his winning scratch card at the same time as Toadie and Sonya are having a naked lunch with potential clients. It's just absolutely ridiculous and everything I love about this show.
I’ve become a bit of a Neighbours obsessive since it ended, I started rewatching from episode 1 and I’m on episode 408 now! I’m planning on watching it when the new season starts even though I haven’t watched it regularly since the 90s so don’t know most of the new characters. The fact that it’s jumped 2 years when it comes back might help me get into it quicker as hopefully it’ll feel more like a new show. I can’t wait,
I’ve been trying to watch 2012 but the drama feels very low stakes. Does anybody know a good point to pick up either later in the year or in 2013?