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Nelly Furtado - The Ride (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Independently released and internationally distributed. So yeah, all goes back to any chart placement being a victory. I'm happy for her! Now announce an intimate tour, Nelstar.
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  2. But where was she on the Paypal charts?
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  3. She charted #76 on the Canadian Billboard Albums chart.
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  4. I'm glad we still support our talent.
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  5. I can't find her album anywhere in Japan.
  6. I want Phoenix remixes, please. I know I won't get them, but I want them.
  7. Live performance of "Sticks & Stones" + "Say It Right"

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  8. Oh... that second performance. No sis.
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  9. Not me stanning 'Parking Lot' 4 years too late.
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  10. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    This is a nice album but a bit demo-y. I don't know if that's the intention but it just feels like it's lacking a lot of punch, but it's so good to hear her voice again.
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  11. For me, this album is a bit like Spirit Indestructible, part 2. A bit disappointed about Nelly's music. For me, Folklore was her master piece, amazing instruments, arrangements, a very unique and special vibe on it, so artistic. Wish she could do something like that but in Portuguese... that would blow my mind.
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  12. One of about three tracks worth taking from that album!

    "Spirit Indestructible", "Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)" and "Circles". OK, so four tracks.
  13. I took Waiting For The Night and Be OK and ran.
  14. Are we all in agreement that "Tap Dancing" might be the best thing here?
  15. Don't Leave Me was pretty good if you like vague dancehall.
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  16. I actually think this album is bloody brilliant. And I remember buying her last one and feeling hugely disappointed.
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  17. I see my attempts to force everyone into loving Parking Lot seems to be working.
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  18. Everybody felt the same way.
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  19. Well, not me.
  20. 'High Life' is the worst thing she's ever done. 'Don't Leave Me' is amaze.

    I'm enjoying The Ride, but I can see why it isn't easy to digest for some.
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