Nelly Furtado

Fuck what she is wearing, Nelly can perform that song better than the original! Have you watched her Stripped version of it? Fuck the Church, the only thing she can ever come out of life is having a great song that will be covered by hundreds of Drag Queens. Nelly Furtado never stops amazing me. My mind is bended. it's bending my mind!
I think it's one of the most amazing things I've heard.... "SING IT CHARLOTTE!!" It's pure genius. And Charlotte really does sing the arse off it. They sound great together.
I love that. It's awesome. Nelly does look a bit weird but still hot. Char sings the fuck out of the last verse.

Also, on a related note, I never really thought about it before but is this song about losing your virginity?
What a great performance. I hope an mp3 of it surfaces at some point, it's much better than the version on the B-side of 'Promiscuous'
This is amazing. I've been watching it more and more, and I like it more than the original Gnarles version. Even Charlotte was amazing, thank god she didn't talk durring it.
I adore that performance. Their voices work well together and it started off nice and understated, but when they went for it - they did it in style, with great harmonies, and all the band and backing singers deserve credit too. Charlotte really does sing it at the end, and I love that one of the backing singers is just grinning at Charlotte and Nelly, because she knows it was brilliant too.


This performance is the definitive proof that Charlotte should reinvent herself as a big bad soul mama. She should do a ridiculous throwback album full of strings and brass that sounds a bit like the Pipettes album shouted by Aretha Franklin in a diner whilst wagging her finger and a bit like Janis Joplin taking the piss out of the Shangri Las. It would get four star reviews in the Guardian, it would make Christina Aguilera cry, and I would totally buy it.
Charlotte is an ASSHOLE.

Why would you stick up for Liam Gallagher? He obviously made a complete prat of himself in that video that was shown. At least John Prescott threw a punch which is more than can be said for Liam "all talk,no action" Gallagher.

Charlotte, just fuck off already will you?