Nelly Furtado

Would LOVE another album like Folklore (my favourite album of hers) but imagine her coming back with a record like Loose and it feeling like 2006 where she was absolutely everywhere.

Basically whatever she comes back with, I'm perched!

She needs to find a good balance between Folklore and Loose. I think that is her sweet spot that no other pop girl can do as good as her.
I felt The Spirit Indestructible was a completely different concept from Loose. In Loose she was a hot mama and explored with her sexual image. Also the sounds were between latin and r&b. For TSI, Nelly worked with Rodney Jerkins, which is more known for r&b but also for his electronic bits and remixes, and she had this african influence. So it was a completely different style.

Nelly has been always characterized by changing. She never delivers the same. She even changed her hairstyle about 5 times or more during the Loose era. She's constantly changing.

From the snippets she has shared... seems that there are some latin vibes in the new record. So I'm guessing she is bringing Loose 2.0 but in 2023 and without Timbaland? And probably even some Folklore on it.
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Some of the production on The Spirit Indestructible was straight up harsh. That whip sample on "High Life" legit hurts my ears. But there are a few keepers for sure.
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Although The Spirit Indestructible wasn't the strongest follow-up to Loose, it's kind of surprising that all of its singles underperformed and completely failed to chart in some markets.

"Spirit Indestructible," "Parking Lot" and "Waiting For The Night" sound like hits, particularly the title track.

I didn't love "Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)" and perhaps it would've worked better as a promo single instead of as the lead single like initially planned, but I'm glad that it received a second life as Rain Radio's "Talk About."

I find her vocals quite harsh on the title track but I think The Spirit Indestructible is a solid album.

Big Hoops (Bigger the Better), High Life, Parking Lot, Bucket List, Waiting for the Night, Mircles, End of the World and Be OK - all great songs.

I remember there being a ton of bonus tracks too, different ones for different countries and some of them were great.

I always thought The Spirit Indestructible was the perfect successor to Loose. It didn't try to be a Loose 0.2 and managed to be a pop record with its own sound without alienating the public with something totally off the curve. That's not an easy feat. Too bad it came too late. Will never understand why some people think is not good or that it is subpar in her discography.
My problem with Spirit was mainly the vocal production - it was the first time she sounded actively unpleasant. The nasal quality to her voice which had made it distinctive before, overwhelmed everything, and combined with songs that were just... ok, rendered the whole listening experience a bit of a chore.
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