Nelly Furtado

''Spirit'' was such a great follow-up to ''Loose'' but it really needed to come, like, two years after ''Loose''. ''Mi Plan'' could've followed, I like it as an album.
According to my I didn't play a single Nelly Furtado track in 2022! However, I've been coming back to this thread the past few days, which inspired me to listen to Folklore and Spirit in full.

Folklore is such an amazing record from start to finish. I used to skip One Trick Pony a lot back in the day, but have grown to appreciate it more now. The album has great vocals, instrumentation, and the lyrics.. I love how she addressed race. Powerless deserved much more.

I enjoy Spirit too but there are a couple of misses. Like @bonnieetclyde said, there were some great bonus tracks - especially Play, why was that left off the standard tracklist??

I really hope we get some new music from her this year.
Spirit needs an expanded edition on streaming like Loose because there were like 10 regional bonus tracks, but I don't think her label cares to do it because the album flopped. End Game and Play are so good and should've been on the standard album.

Speaking of labels, is Nelly Furtado signed to anyone? I think her last release was on her own label.