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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Voicething, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. They could've easily adapted to suit the house music sound that dominates the UK charts.
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  2. RCA dropped them because the album didn't sell as much as they wanted it to. It's life.
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  3. I was surprised the album sold as much as it did to be honest.
  4. Same, nobody was checking for them outside of their singles. Nothing about Neon Jungle screams "Album seller" or "Touring Act" but there's nothing wrong with that.
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  5. K94


    Yeah the timing for them was a little off - R&B was blowing up again but the non-electro house trend hadn't really kicked off until the next year but they still went with that sound. Braveheart is still amazing though.
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  6. Braveheart is literally the soundtrack to my Freshers nights outs. Me and my friends still jam on the reg. Their dropping was brutal, they weren't super successful but they hardly flopped. A Top 10 debut girlband album should've at least warranted a follow up.
  7. BML


    I also still use 'Braveheart' quite regularly but they were not worth investing in. They were basically the female version of One Direction as far as performing abilities go.
  8. What?

    I mean, the album was full of hit singles like "Braveheart", "Welcome to the jungle", "Louder", "Trouble"... plus other great tracks like "Can't stop the love", "So alive", "Fool me"... I don't know how everybody can't love all these amazing songs. I bought the album and fell in love with it.

    I haven't seen them performing live, but they were really talented and had a strong fanbase.

    The official reason to split wasn't poor sales:
    "Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." This, from day 1, has been our mantra and always will be.

    We started our journey in an unknown, unnamed "girl band" just 2 years ago. Within that time, we went (rather quickly) from four strangers, to four complete best friends. From being unknown, to being recognised all over the world. From being unnamed to "Neon Jungle”
    But Neon Jungle is more than a four piece girl band.
    Neon Jungle are Ohana. Ohana - formed by all the love and support we have received over the past couple of years.

    Which is why writing this is extremely difficult.

    After many honest and heartfelt discussions, we have all agreed with a tremendously heavy heart, that it is time for us to continue our journeys individually.

    This does not mean for a second we have separated! We will always and forever be in each other's lives, and ALWAYS be supportive of one another.

    Although this is a heart breaking reality for the four of us, it is also extremely exciting, and we would love for all of you guys to also continue our new journeys with us.

    4 for the price of 1 aye!?!?

    Ohana is forever

    Thank you so much for everything past, present and future.

    Yours very truly
    Jess, Asami, Shereen & Amira

  9. They would hardly say 'we are dropped and didn't really find a new label' anyway?
  10. The album was okay but the general public aren't really massive on girl bands anymore. Plus, Braveheart doesn't exactly sound like an album seller now does it?
  11. I think the album was great. I wasn't sure about their look and image in the beginning, but they released 4 amazing singles and a enjoyable debut album! It was so fresh!

    As I said before, I have been very disappointed with the albums from major labels' girlbands (Fifth Harmony, Little Mix) with many filler songs but without standouts tracks (they are more interested in being in the spotlight, trending topic, tours than to release a proper overwhelming album).

    Neon Jungle was a refreshing girlband, they had so strong and different vocals... I don't know, maybe they could have gone the M.O way without a great label behind them or something like that. I think their management still carries Asami Zdrenka's solo career, not the rest of band members.
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  12. I still remember being floored that they released their album months before Banks did and it had Waiting Game on it.

    I want to know how the hell that actually happened because I can't remember. I just know Banks wrote some tweet about how it felt like someone ripped her soul away from her.
  13. I'll always be bitter about Neon Jungle. If only because they were a breath of fresh air re: girl bands and their look and image was like catnip to me. They had a lot of room for improvement but without the label investment it was always going to be an uphill struggle and perhaps not really worth it. Comparing them to 1D makes the (pop)injustice that much more irritating - I'd rather have had these four stunning and stylish girls, each with more charisma in their left feet than all of 1D put together, find world domination on basic vocals and dodgy performance skills than 1D. But alas that's the way of the world.

    I only hear about Asami's covers these days, anyone know what the other girls are up to?
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  15. [​IMG]

    This is from a couple of days ago... It seems the girls keep in touch. If only they could do another album... ;(
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  16. Badman still is a Halleluuuu track for me! I could be depressed, pissed, with low butt cheeks steem or whatevs, but when I play that track I am ready to go!! That should had been a single instead of Can't Stop the Love. They could had easily recover momentum and bring back the attitude that made them stand out.
    Can't Stop the Love felt like they were saying goodbye at the very first moment they announced it as a single!
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  18. Watched "The Shallows" over the weekend (the Blake Lively shark movie, which was quite good), and Trouble was used for an extended surfing scene. Very surprising, but as soon as the instrumental started, I knew it was coming. I couldn't help tap my foot along (and wish I could sing along...). Still love Neon Jungle's material, and wish there was more.

    The only other song used was Sia's Bird Set Free at the end, if anyone cares.
  19. Jess looks beautiful! I really wish they would have stayed together after being dropped, they had something special
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  20. Remember when Asami said her covers trilogy was "just a taste" of things to come? Where is the Asami solo album, please, I need it to live....
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