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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Voicething, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. The brothers are unnecessary (but beautiful nonetheless). But whatever it takes to see more of Shereen.
  2. Shouldn't she be in the girls category instead of the groups one?
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  4. I wish they chose a Neon Jungle song for her to perform on the show... Hahahaha!
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  5. They did amazing with this original track!! So happy for them!
    Even though they are out, I think probably someone will sign them!
  6. It seems like it was yesterday that I discovered they were on The X Factor. And they are alredy out.

    I don't like the siblings thing. She should get back with the rest of the girls and give it one more try.
  7. It always was a big shame I mean seriously you got m.o. Still not had a hit in 5 years yet neon jungle have 4 hits and a top ten album and gone!
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  8. Wonder if she still speaks to the girls she was close to Asami...
  9. Oh yeah, I think they do speak and support each other. On the last elimination day, Asami posted on her stories asking for people to please vote for The Cutklevins. Jess has tweeted about them too. I haven't seen anything from Amira though, but a while ago I saw her swap tweets with Jess.
    And I can´t agree any more with you guys, a top 10 album isn't enough for securing a record deal? that is actually quite scary and brutal.
    I do believe things happen for a tricky reason though, and for now, Shereen is doing good, probably the remaining girls will still have a chance of succeeding too!
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  10. Girlbands are more about the brand than the music itself right now... I don't know.

    Popjustice didn't help choosing their debut album the worst of the year or something like that. Sad.
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  11. They should reunite and do a random EDM track.. the market needs it, and with everyone just releasing random stuff and not even with a big label I am sure they will do fine!
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  12. Great singles, boring album. I'd have loved for them to have succeeded, but one of so many failed girl band attempts. RIP Neon Jungle.

    So what is Asami doing nowadays? It was all about her anyway...
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  13. Future X Girls is a smash. Sounds very Sugababes 2.0 to me.
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  14. I love the album. I listen it every now and then.
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