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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Alphableat, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Just realised how amazing this young lady is. I only really remembered her from Everybody's Gone To War, which I thought was an annoying pseudo-political rant from someone who doesn't really know what they're talking about. But she's lovely really, and so it the song! Sophia is definitely a favourite though.

    Loads of songs off her Fires album play in my shop all the time and I never realised it was her. Has she got anything planned this year?

    I adore the covers she releases as B-sides too. I'm going to download her cover of Kylie's Confide In Me in a bit, but I'm desperate to get a copy of her version of Love Will Tear Us Apart. For some reason though the two-track version of Learning To Breathe doesn't seem to be on ANY of the MP3 stores I use. A physical copy is £2.49 off HMV, but I'd rather not have to (a) pay that much and (b) wait for delivery. Anyone know where I could get hold of a copy?
  2. Fires is a masterpiece. She promised on her my space the the new album will be released this year. She uploaded some songs, but she said that they're not as good as the ones which will make the album.

    I'm yet to hear Vena Cava and (Cash and sin) Mr King. They were only released on the vinyl editions of the singles, so there's a possibility I'll never hear them.

    *goes to scream into a pillow
  3. I didn’t realise that she had released all off this interesting stuff. I only know her through the brilliant Peg Will investigate.
  4. I started a thread about her last week, we have a new album in 2009.

    On the B-Side front, you'll be hard pushed, although you can buy them all from her myspace page I think! Have a look.

    Sophia is the greatest love song ever written by the way, and her Love Will Tear Us Apart is literally amazing. She's my fave.
  5. (Cash & Sin) Mr King is available from Amazon for 79p!

    OMG! My humble apologies. I should have used the search function, sorry! She is wonderful though. Thanks for the heads up about her MySpace, I'll have to check that out.
  6. By the way Cash and Sin Mr King is no different really from the original except its a very slightly shimmerier mix...
  7. You can BUY songs from MySpace???!! Goodness, I am so out of the loop.

  8. No no, it's merely links to buying it elsewhere...
  9. Ah I see, haha.

  10. "Fires" is brilliant. Actually, I may never need another Nerina album as this one is perfect.

    I never listened to the one before it so I'm not sure what I'm missing out on there... if anything.
  11. I played the preview and she sounds surprisingly mannish...

    edit> I've dane a reasearch and there's a song called Impossible on the Damascus single. Is it any good?
  12. has anyone ever heard the richard x remix of geek love?
  13. It's going to be released in 2009, I believe, as a B-side of some sort.
  15. I initially dismissed Nerina when I first heard about her but that was a mistake. Her album is very good and full of beautiful moments.
  16. Er you are correct... I bought it off itunes, I'm not sure what it's about...

    EDIT: I just bought off ebay both the Learning To Breathe vinyl and Damascus CD single, I will update on "Impossible" in due course.
  17. Richard thinks so.
  18. From Narnia's latest blog on Myspace (a couple of weeks ago):

    There's some new tunes on her Myspace as well. The Right Side sounds very Tori Amos American Doll Posse era.

    I had no idea she was working with Max Martin unless I have completely misunderstood her blog.
  19. The new songs are amazing. The ones on the new EP are on there because shes said they're not good enough for the album. The ones that are good enough are really quite good! 'When did I become such a bitch?' needs to be the lead single!
  20. Is there anywhere that we can hear this EP?
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