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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allansp, Nov 22, 2006.

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  2. Nerina will be back every Thursday at 8pm, through the upcoming lockdown, with her live streams.

  3. Old Dog, New Tricks EP will be available on streaming tomorrow. Nice to see!

  4. Ticket purchased.
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  5. I loved the live stream tonight. Nerina seemed a little nervous without a crowd, but sounded great. The new song Old Songs Sound The Same was good, and I liked hearing There's A River and Alice At The Beach again.
  6. Yeah I really enjoyed it, at least she had Carlos to banter with! Loved the new track, and look forward to studio versions of all 3.

    Just one niggle, though - I wish she wouldn't think that everyone wants to hear lots of Fires tracks at every gig. It makes quite an unbalanced set list, with 5 songs from that. Good to hear the EP tracks get an airing but she really could cut down on Fires just a little - for me at least, I've heard these songs live so many times, but she's dropped so many others.
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  7. I agree, but I think it's a difficult position to be in as it's arguably her most recognised and successful album. I'd be very happy if she only performed Sophia and left it as an encore at this point though.
  8. Nerina is featured on the "Modern Love Season 2" soundtrack twice:

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  9. Nerina has made the "Best In Show" CD available on her website:
    1. The Man with the Child in His Eyes
    2. When Love Breaks Down
    3. Dancing Queen
    4. Never Tear Us Apart
    5. With Every Heartbeat
    6. Hold On We're Going Home
    7. Love Will Tear Us Apart
    8. How Deep Is Your Love
    It's all eight of the covers she released digitally over the past year and was first available at her recent UK tour dates.
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  10. Ordered it!
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  11. Does anyone know what time she’ll be on stage at the Lafayette on Saturday? It says doors open at 7pm but not whether there’s support.
  12. Can't tell you when she'll be on stage, but support is Roxanne de Bastion according to a recent Facebook post of Nerina's from September. I hope that helps you work it out.
  13. She’s on at 9pm.
  14. My copy of "Best In Show" arrived today, and she signed it which was a nice surprise!
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  15. Mine was posted Monday so it’ll hopefully arrive soon, signed or not. Thanks for heads up, I haven’t really read the last couple of updates. Laziness on my part not disinterest in Nerina.
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  16. Noticed a bit of a DIY music video for "Lockdown Dublin" from the Modern Love Season 2 soundtrack was released earlier this week:

  17. [​IMG]

    Album news coming April 8 according to Nerina's newsletter.

    Interesting that it's a Friday - perhaps we can expect a new single that day too.
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  18. I’m actually really ready for a new Nerina album.
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