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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allansp, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Why... why... isn't Fires on streaming still?
  2. "Cold Places" out tomorrow.

  3. I imagine that the album pre-order will go live tomorrow too as her online store is down for maintenance.
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  4. "I Don't Know What I'm Doing," out June 17.


    1. Cold Places (Album Version) - 5:09
    2. Alice At The Beach - 4:28
    3. Master Builder - 4:20
    4. There's A River - 3:30
    5. Born - 3:10
    6. I Don't Know What I'm Doing - 3:03
    7. The Way We Are - 4:04
    8. Mama - 4:08
    9. Only The Old Songs - 3:25
    10. Australia - 3:47
    11. Don't Dare (Love Is Hell) - 0:37
    12. Fun - 4:14
  5. Really looking forward to this.
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  6. Cautiously looking forward to this.
    Nerina has always been a staple artist of mine, but her slander of The Graduate and Stay Lucky being a bit on the boring side makes me worry that I might not love it as much as I could.
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  7. Is the shot of the back of her head the album cover @andru ?
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  8. Yes it is @CatastropheBoy

    Cold Places (Edit) preview is on NZ iTunes and sounds absolutely beautiful.
    Can't wait to spend all of my money on merch & vinyl in the morning...
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  9. Cheers, I hope she puts her name and the title on the cover though.
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  10. Yes, I would have liked to see her name and the title on it too, and hope it's that way on the physical editions. These kind of artworks work fine on streaming since the name and title will be visible on screen anyway, but on a shelf somewhere it becomes quite anonymous.
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  11. New photo from the shoot here:


    (Updated with HQ)
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  12. I wish she'd swapped the covers round...
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  13. The webstore is live. Some limited edition goodies to be had and branded lighters. What a treat.

    I really like that she is back using the old logo on the label and that it is green. Is it "Fires 2.0"?
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  14. Looks like there's a bonus track on the physicals called "Chanson" too?
  15. Yea! I saw that. I vaguely remember that being a title of a song she posted on Instagram a while back. It's beautiful if I remember correctly. When is it ever not though?
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  16. So excited for this! I’ve treated myself to the green vinyl and one of the test pressings. They’re usually always sold out so quickly when artists release them, so im chuffed to be able to grab one.
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  17. Think you might’ve snagged the last one!
    Cold Places is stunning as well - those strings, oh man.
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  18. Purchased the signed CD and sweatshirt (v apt).
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  19. Also, song is lovely.
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