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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allansp, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Some October tour dates up for London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow so far.
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  2. Is it just my headphones acting up, or is Cold Places really weirdly produced? Her vocals sound *super* compressed and the strings - weirdly tacked on?

    Other than that, it's just alright - it keeps my excitement up for the album, as it shows a bit more of a sonic range (Stay Lucky was a very.... mood music kind of album for me, pretty as it was), but, let's face it, it's not exactly a discography highlight (like, say, Cold Room).
  3. ^Updated this post with a HQ version of the photo.

    Something of an album trailer here - imagine we’ll get to see these piano videos over the coming weeks.
  4. Pre-ordered the album bundle. The green vinyl looks lovely! I really liked the item descriptions on the individual items' pages.
    Just about to go and listen to the new track. Very excited for new Nerina music. Will look into the tour too and see if I can fix it in between somewhere.
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  5. "Cold Places" lyric video:

    Seems they've used a different edit of the song which isn't the single edit (3:29), nor the album version (5:09).
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  6. Does anyone in this thread live in the UK and have a record player able to rip 7" singles to .wav? DM me please, I have a rare version of Vena Cava waiting to make its way to digital.

  7. Speaking about the video, Nerina said, "One of the benefits of making music with the same group of musicians for a while is that it’s easy to sit down and play new songs live, even if the recorded versions are big orchestral productions. This version of Cold Places is very close to how the song first came into being and it was fun to get back to a more immediate, stripped back approach literally around a fire. It’s really important to me that any song I write can work live acoustically like this; then I know it can withstand whatever I throw at in the production process."
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  8. Noticed there's some alternate artwork for "Cold Places" being used on some platforms. It's not hugely different, but it doesn't have the distressed effects over the photo.

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  9. Video from the string recording at RAK Studios, July 2021.
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  10. "Alice at the Beach" out at midnight.


  11. On first listen I’m enjoying it, nice to see her playing with sound.
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  12. Lyric video for "Alice At The Beach" out now.

    I think I prefer this to "Cold Places," it sounds a lot fuller and the production - particularly as far as the vocals go - doesn't sound so compressed or muted? There was something a little off about "Cold Places" and I find myself returning to the live video more often than the studio version.
  13. I actually got the CD and sweater today! 2 days early and signed twice- on the CD and a personally signed card. Nice surprise to come home to.
  14. I’m so looking forward to this album. Sometimes I wish she’d be a bit more in your face with her promo so people get to hear her but she seems a little uneasy about the selling side of things!
  15. It’s a shame Radio 2 don’t seem to be supporting this era. Tbh I’d forgotten it was coming out Friday.
  16. Me too actually until she mentioned something on her socials today. I know she’s mentioned a bit of personal life strifes and worries over the last month or two so maybe her focus has been on that.

    By the way what sort of fit is the jumper? Sometimes with merch you have to size up or down.
  17. Must admit I haven’t tried it on yet as it was so warm yesterday. I always get a size up in jumpers to wear them loose and the sizing looks fine.
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