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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allansp, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. I’m so bloody excited to listen to this tomorrow. Nerina is one of my all time faves and always delivers the goods that I need.
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  2. My CD arrived this morning, and I've listened a couple of times. Appreciate that Nerina took care to keep the shrink-wrap intact while signing it - not an issue for me really, but I know for many fans and collectors that's important (especially when there's a hype sticker on the front) - and the additional signed art card was a nice touch too!

    I feel like the album is quite a good mix of everything Nerina has done up to now, so there should be something for every fan depending on the kind of music you like from her (excluding those hoping she'll commit to a full electro-pop project someday soon, sorry).

    "Master Builder" sounds like it could be lifted right off Fires (for me it's giving "Learning To Breathe/All Good People" energy sonically) while the bonus track "Chanson" is like the successor to "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" from Stay Lucky.

    I wish "Don't Care (Love Is Hell)" was a fully fledged track rather than a 40-second interlude as it sounded like it was about to go off and give the album a lighter moment. Being cut short made it seem more out of place than it probably would have if it was just included in full as well. In the album notes Nerina mentions wanting to include snippets of this song on the next 2 or 3 albums. Maybe that's a joke? But ok. Shrug.

    Lyrically is probably where the album excels for me though. The style of writing on Stay Lucky that many seemed to dislike when that album was released is still very much present, but Nerina's usual humour and charm feels like a huge part of it again too.
  3. Two listens in and enjoying it. I’m sure other songs will reveal themselves with more plays but early favourites are Alice At The Beach, I Don’t Know What I’m Doing, Only The Old Songs, The Way We Are and Chanson.
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  4. Several listens in and this is so much better than Stay Lucky - better melodies, lyrics, production all much better to my ears. Hearing studio versions of There Is A River and Only The Old Songs at last, and those songs standing out the most, but it's a strong set, and ending on Chanson really gets me - shame it's not going to be on the vinyl.

    I will say that the strange treatment of Love Is Hell is still typical of current Nerina - running scared of anything too pop! She's got the knack to craft great upbeat pop songs when she wants to, but since the year of the EPs, she's avoided releasing any. Someone who could leave a song as catchy as If You Were My Boyfriend on the shelf... But I can forgive her on this album as the songwriting is so strong.
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  5. I wish we got Oh Berlin and Next Life as bonus tracks. The latter is one of my fave Nerina songs and I’d love to have it on the vinyl at the end.
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  6. It will be! Side B, Track 7.
  7. I don't buy new albums from many artists these days (just because I'm so far behind) but Nerina tends to be an exception. Normally (ie until this album) I'd find them in the racks at HMV, but with HMV visits long out of the picture for me, I've gone and ordered a signed CD from her store. Better that way, isn't it.

    I like the sleeve. Though it feels autumnal.
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  8. Thank you, so it is! Physical bonus rather than CD bonus, really pleased about that.
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  9. It’s better for the artist to buy direct from them yeah, I actually had a chat with Paul from the Primitives about this once upon a time.
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  10. I think this is the first Nerina album that hasn't been instant and has had to grow on me, but it's revealing some really beautiful melodies & songwriting. Fun in particular is brilliant, but Master Builder's middle eight is a favourite today. Chanson is also stunning. It's a great little addition to what is frankly a stellar back catalogue.

    Doesn't look like the album is troubling the top 100 in the midweeks though, which is a real shame (but not massively surprising considering there's next to no promo).
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  11. Gotta love the lady's attention to detail. Carefully signed, plus a separate postcard with a handwritten message, and next-day delivery for £1.50. Little Boots was £5 postage, and no cute extras (though the standard CD was slightly cheaper).
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  12. I am glad that I decided to check this forum, because otherwise I would not have known about Nerina's new album. Her new album is pleasant to listen to and it puts me in a creative mood so that is a win-win for me!
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  13. Confide In Me cover is finally widely available on streaming. What a moment etc

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  14. A&E


    I'm not really sure about the album yet, after the really cohesive Stay Lucky this one seems both unfocused and (save for Cold Places) retreading familiar ground, plus songs like There's a River, Only the Old Songs and Fun are let down by saccharine orchestral arrangements. I'll try again but for now Cold Places and The Way We Are are the only ones that have clicked with me, the former keeping me from losing hope for Nerina changing her sound up a little once in a while.

    Also I'm a bit annoyed that there's a bonus track on the physicals as importing anything from abroad these days is expensive – gonna have to pass on that one.
  15. "Only The Old Songs" live video:

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  16. Alternate version of the album called "I Still Don't Know What I'm Doing" with solo and live versions of the songs, as well as a new studio recording of the album's title track, will be available at her upcoming shows. Leftover stock will likely be available on her website after the tour ends.

  17. Yeah I saw that, hopefully some will be available after the tour. I had to make a choice between flying to London to see Nerina in October or Heather Nova in November and chose Heather as it’s longer since I’ve seen her but feel bad about missing Nerina.
  18. Good news for those waiting on a vinyl copy - they should arrive earlier than expected!

  19. This is now available on Nerina's website:
  20. Thanks! Grabbed myself a copy.
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