Nerina Pallot

My copy of "I Still Don't Know What I'm Doing" arrived today.

It includes another snippet of "Don't Dare (Love Is Hell)" - it's much lower quality than the snippet included on the main album, but presented in a similar way with the radio static at the start and end and seems to be cut from a verse rather than the chorus. Hopefully she releases it in full some time!

My favourite of the alternate versions are "Cold Places (Solo Version)", "I Don't Know What I'm Doing (Studio Band Version)" and "Fun (Solo Version)". The solo versions are just Nerina and piano for the most part except "Australia (Solo Version)" which is her with acoustic guitar.
I generally dislike it when people compare female artists, this is meant more as a point of reference but I heard this new album and it’s the most Nerina sounding non Nerina album I’ve heard. She definitely has a few of her traits and mannerisms:

This has randomly appeared, as if it was released in 2021, but it is for a current PDSA advert.