Nerina Pallot

A simple and understated cover of a great song - I like it. Still contains some Richard X trademark/vintage sounds in the detail.

Although I miss the Steely Dan harmony during the chorus. The Manhattan Transfer sounding bit!
I''m a fan of the Steely Dan original, and I''m a fan of Nerina (I especially like that Delerium track she guested on), and Richard X. I give it a 7.5 out of 10. It could have used something to lift it up a little more, but I''m hard pressed to say what. It''s pleasant enough though.


Entirely pleasant, but doesn''t really go leaps and bounds. As summer songs go, not quite "Promiscuous" (I live in the States, I guess for the rest of the world you could say "Maneater"), but a million times better than the atrocious "London Bridge."
A former song of the day on Popjustice - I just bought the remix off itunes - bloody electro stomper that it is! I love it.

Went to see Nerina in concert earlier in the year and she was SO charismatic - really funny and foul mouthed too, i was in shock! i totally recommend her live.

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STRANGE! This was released over a month ago as a digital only single. Hmmm, that sold well then. Someone could have said! Christ.
I still haven;t heard this but the way PJ were raving about it, I am expecting it to be almost as good as Maneater. Am I setting myself up for a massive fall!?!


She's put up an average track they've worked on together on her myspace...lets hope she writes her another "Beautiful" rather than a "Nasty ghetto".

In other news, I was tempted to send her a message asking her how she felt about Sara Bareilles stealing all her tricks but with a big old promotional budget...but i restained myself.
Didn't Nerina get a fairly big promo push from her label, though? I remember around the time of her last album I received a Nerina Pallot scented candle, in a little Nerina Pallot cardboard box (complete with rose petals INSIDE THE WAX - and the candle was in a glass holder), an A4 Nerina Pallot glossy booklet contained within a Nerina Pallot folder, plus a copy of the album etc etc (the least interesting part of the freebies ha ha ha) - also, the 'Everybody's Gone To War' video looked rather high-budget to me. Maybe after all that the label went 'shit, we have literally no money left to spend on you'.

But yes, Bareilles does sound just like her. She even stole the 'kooky name' concept!
Everybody's Gone to War wasn't inescapable but the record company did put some money into it.
If they've fixed her up with Linda Perry that probably means it's now or never for Nerina ...


Sara Bareilles has been around for a while though, with the same kind of pianopop that Nerina does so well, signing to SonyBMG in early 2005, as Fires was originally being released in the UK!

I quite like the new song that is on her MySpace, I can't imagine her performing anything like Nasty Ghetto or Beautiful - let's hope it's just some help with more radio-friendly melodies that she's getting.
Wasn't 'Fires' self-released originally?

Anyway, she needs to cover 'One Word' pronto. That is one of the best Visage rip-offs songs ever and it can't go in history as the Kelly Osbourne top 10 smash.
To say that Sara Barielles stole Nerina's tricks is misinformed. True, Sara had an indie release out a few years back and, while Nerina is terrific in her own right, I'd like to know how Tori Amos feels about Nerina's song Idaho, a complete (if great) ripoff of the Little Earthquakes era.

Sara B reminds me more of Billy Joel than she does with Tori or Nerina anyway.


I love both Sara and Nerina, they are both exceptional at their jobs. I find a lot of Tori's work very, very wordy, and not 'catchy' in the slightest, with a few obvious exceptions; the only album I actually purchased of hers was her greatest hits, and despite repeated listens, I can honestly say there's only a handful of songs that I could hum back to you. I think Nerina and Sara both have their pop sensibilities out and in front of you, and are not ashamed of a big, catchy chorus.


So it's official, everyone and their mother has now worked with Linda Perry. What ever happened to 'Peg' with Richard X?
I thought Fires was hugely underrated and had quite a few potential singles. Peg was great for the first few listens but then I got bored of it. She is brilliant live (if somewhat demented) and her cover version of Kylie's CONFIDE IN ME is chillingly good.