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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allansp, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Not what I expected when I opened this.
  2. There’s something very surreal, but charming and endearing about this.
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  3. Just seen this - has Nerina said anything about not working on a new album then? Sort of disappointing, but also hard to see where she goes next after Stay Lucky. Not sure she has her pop mojo back - since the "Year of the EPs" she's turned away from the pop side, and now she's on her own label putting out her own stuff, so no likelihood of gaining new success, just (perhaps diminishing) sales to the existing fanbase.

    She's still such an entertaining and witty person on twitter, and it would be a shame if that isn't put into the music anymore.
  4. No, I don’t think she said she’s not making new music. But she’s not exactly forthcoming in details for her next project either. So until we have official confirmation, we don’t really know what she’s up to.
    As many here know, my favourite Nerina is the “When Did I Become Such A Bitch?” kind. So a return to quirky pop would be so welcome by me!
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  5. Thanks for that. Yes, she does usually say when she’s working on something, unless she suddenly surprises us with an EP.

    The Graduate is probably my favourite album of hers so definitely here for the quirky pop side!
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  6. These recent "surprise" releases are something I wouldn't be mad about if it's a trend she continues with between now and whenever a new album might come. Hopefully we'll see a few more over the coming months and maybe some more pop/electro things!
  7. Nerina's posted a live video on her socials of a new song Alice At The Beach. She's also sent a newsletter out where she's said she's slowly working on new material, and may perform some of the new songs at the Christmas gigs.
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  8. I know. The song doesn’t sound good at all in my opinion. Shame.
  9. Nerina has contributed a song called "Circus" written by Gary Clark to the soundtrack of Amazon Prime's series Modern Love. I haven't watched the show, but it features in Episode 2 and a soundtrack album is coming out next week.

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  10. Circus is out now, along with the Modern Love: Season 1 soundtrack!

  11. If you're signed up to Nerina's mailing list, check your emails for a free download of her covering "I Believe In Father Christmas". Happy Christmas.
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  12. In case anyone’s interested whilst we are all having to stay home Nerina is doing a one hour set every Thursday from her home at 8pm on her YouTube channel for this reason and the first two weeks have been lovely. It’s pretty much setlist request in advance basis and next week she’s putting up a Christmas tree and doing seasonal songs.
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  13. I was traveling over Christmas and when I returned home in January, I tried to download it, but the wetransfer link had already expired... :-( Do you know how else I can get hold of this song?
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  15. Very exciting news! Put It Back Together Again, which was written by Nerina and recorded by Diana Vickers, is especially nice to have.

    This is a result of work being postponed on her new album, so in lieu of the wait, she'll be releasing a series of EPs with various misc. work.
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  16. A&E


    I'm of course excited by the prospect of unreleased material getting released but it's a shame that Vena Cava is the 2013 re-recorded version (it was a free download on her website at the time) rather than the one from the Learning to Breathe 7".

    Details from the newsletter:

    We have been going through all my recordings of the last twenty years, and cataloguing and organising. In the process we have found so many wonderful things, some I had completely forgotten about. And some I massively regret leaving off certain albums. Much of the process was filled with nostalgia.

    What I took from a lot of these songs is that I can remember writing them at times of sadness, confusion or future fear; they were my way of making sense of those things. And now when I listen back to them, and realise that the sky did not fall and that the girl in those songs would be okay after all, they gave me courage and comfort. I’m really proud of these songs and if they bring me comfort, I figure they might bring you comfort too.

    There are rather a lot of them so rather than deluge you with them all in one go, I am splitting them into a series of EPs and will release them periodically as a download on my webstore. They will eventually exist on streaming platforms. The first one - Photographs Volume 1 - is available now. If you like them, and want to know more, I am in the process of writing a little about each one and what period they come from and who - to the best of my knowledge and creaky memory - is playing on them, and will share more soon.​
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  17. She mentioned in her recent live stream that she herself doesn't even have a copy of the original Vena Cava... ":("

    I'd guess if she was to release it for commercial purposes again, a rip from someone else's vinyl wouldn't be the best option.
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  18. The next release in this series seems to be called "Hold On" and will be out at midnight local time across all platforms (it's on Spotify in New Zealand now). It's a collection of 3 covers.

    Hold On, We're Going Home (Drake Cover)
    Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover)
    How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees Cover)
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  19. Exciting news... Nerina teased in her live stream tonight that some new music will be coming soon, too.
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