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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allansp, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Photographs, Vol. 2


    1. Queen Of Hollywood
    2. She Made Me This Way
    3. Hard Time Believing
    4. Everybody's Gone To War - Early Demo
    5. 57 Flavours

    Some observations:

    Queen of Hollywood - with a title like that I expected more, maybe something along the lines of Break Up At The Disco? It's the least memorable from this set to me. Out of the all the recordings, I think this is likely the most recent one.

    She Made Me This Way - this feels very familiar to me. Has she performed it live before, or re-used lyrics? It's probably a very early song, and has a similar feel to If I Had A Girl and songs from the Free As You Wanna Be EP.

    Hard Time Believing - Studio version! It isn't too different from the acoustic version she played in a video some years ago, but it has some extra production. It's my favourite from this set.

    Everybody's Gone To War (Early Demo) - not too dissimilar from the final version. You can tell it's not quite finished and the quality is a little poor compared to the other songs in this set. It has an added instrumental introduction which made me excited for the song as I felt it was going to be extremely different.

    57 Flavours - previously released on the "Alien" single, but can be hard to come by these days. I wonder if she'll release Girl From Lakeville at some point too.
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  2. Photographs, Vol. 3


    1. If You Were My Boyfriend
    2. I Used To Love You
    3. If He Had A Heart
    4. I Should Have Told You
    5. Can I

    I think this is my favourite of the three EPs so far!
    "If You Were My Boyfriend" is Nerina at her absolute pop best. I wouldn't be surprised to learn if this was a pitch for someone else.

    "I Used To Love You" is the same song she used to have on her MySpace page (I Used 2 Love U Until U Tried 2 Kill Me).

    "If He Had A Heart" is very The Sound And The Fury-esque. Sounds like the song "The Road" with a little bit more 'pop' production.

    "I Should Have Told You" another incredibly "pop" production. Again, wouldn't be surprised to learn it was pitched to someone else or a left over from the Year of EPs.

    "Can I" a lovely piano-ballad with sweet lyrics. Feels like it could be from sessions for Year Of The Wolf, but I'm probably wrong.
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  3. It would be nice if she provided a sentence or two about each of the songs, the history, why they weren’t included on an album etc. Need to catch up with the last two EPs.
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  4. If I Had A Heart is a complete jam. I'm picturing evenings on holidays. All inclusive cocktails. 90% grenadine, 8% lemonade and 2% vodka but still giddy all the same.
  5. She speaks a little about some of them on her Hold Tight Sessions show each Thursday.

    Regarding the latest ones she said some of these started out with the intention of being poppier and pitched to other singers.

    Rather intriguingly she revealed there is a fully finished unreleased album she made with Rick Nowels. She says she loves him but thinks he hates her a little bit for not releasing it.
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  6. She has mentioned planning on putting together a PDF with memories and photos to go along with this. I guess that's something that'll come as soon as they're certain the series is finished with.

    Her live streams are such a highlight and something to look forward to every week right now.
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  7. Fourth volume of Photographs is likely being released next weekend. Nerina said in the livestream today they were still deciding on which songs to include, and she was conscious of the fact it's VE Day tomorrow and that she has also put out a lot of content in a short space of time which she didn't want people to feel obliged to keep buying regularly.

    She also spoke about possibly releasing a physical edition, perhaps with extra songs, if people are interested (though this may be a long way off due to delays with manufacturing given current world circumstances). Here she mentioned it being "20 songs" on one CD so I'm also guessing the fourth volume may be the last.
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  9. I might wait for the compilation cd she’s pondering as I’m too lazy to check if I can or how easy it would be to download these on to my phone.
  10. She's finally released Kevin Spacey! This was supposed to be the lead single a few albums back
    but never happened...
    In other news, loved hearing her cover of Love will Tear us apart being used on Normal People!
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  11. Love Will Tear Us Apart being featured on Normal People suddenly makes the random Hold On EP she released to Spotify a few weeks ago make a lot of sense.
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  12. Love Will Tear us Apart is doing well post the Normal People finale.
    Peaked at #22 on iTunes and has held strong at #29 for the past 24hours.
    I wonder if this will chart on Friday. It reached #45 in Scotland last week.
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  13. Not a ~12 year old cover that I used to obsess over becoming a minor hit. We love it.
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  14. In her latest live stream, she mentioned that the first track from the new album has been mastered. It'll be out soon - I think she said by the end of June. After next week's stream, she's going to drop down to two a month. No word on whether there'll be another Photograph's EP, I imagine they'll probably focus on the album more now that lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease here.
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  16. So happy she finally released « Ariadne’s Afternoon » and « For You I Would » :-)
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  17. I had Ariadne’s Afternoon years ago, but lost it after an old hard drive got damaged. I was never able to find it again so to see it released - even if it's not a favourite of mine - was a happy moment indeed.
  18. I only heard « Ariadne’s Afternoon » live during a IDWTGO sessions years ago and loved it, so I’m happy to hear a studio recording of it :-)
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  19. Still hope she’ll release « Life after 25 » and « Forever young » cause it’s only available on iTunes UK so I can’t buy these songs :-(
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