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In case anyone misses not having a Hold Tight live stream tonight, Nerina has made available a recording of her gig at the Union Chapel from 2014 here:

1. Buckminster Fuller
2. If I Had A Girl
3. Idaho
4. Rousseau
5. This Will Be Our Year
6. Boy On The Bus
7. Everybody's Gone To War
8. Mr King
9. Grace
10. Happy Day
11. The Hold Tight
12. All Bets Are Off
13. Geek Love
14. Blessed
15. I'm Gonna Be Your Man
16. Put Your Hands Up
17. Moments Of Pleasure (Kate Bush Cover)
18. Sophia
I always wondered about this footage, after getting a couple of live videos from a Pledge Music campaign (might have been iTunes, but pretty sure it was for The Sound and the Fury album?)

Looking forward to downloading and watching!
Yep, I remember there being a couple of videos from this available on iTunes with the Sound and the Fury album and maybe one or two were available on Pledge Music too. I don’t remember which performances though. It’s nice to have the full thing! I wondered at the time if they’d release it in some way because sitting on things like this doesn’t make much sense to me?
I was only partly listening to the stream earlier as I was working at the same time. I think she mentioned another Photographs EP is planned, as she has a lot of outtakes and has enjoyed going through them, and thinks these should be heard. She also mentioned the album is likely to be released in January.
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Getting all these Photographs EPs, plus the Hold On EP, and now a new single, if only more artists could release this much stuff!

There was a funny moment last night when someone asked if the Union Chapel show could get a DVD release, and she kept saying "yes, we can do that" and then looking uncertain when looking at Andy, and then said "can you burn it to a DVD yourself? Oh, everyone can just do that then!". I'm guessing that the cost of a pressed DVD is higher than the self-released CDs, but was an amusing moment nevertheless.
Oh Berlin is available in New Zealand, and will be released everywhere midnight local time.

It's a gorgeous track, but I'm not sure what the response will be amongst the posters here. It's very much in-line with the sound of Stay Lucky that I know wasn't so well received. Still, Nerina has kept us fed in recent months with the live streams, Photographs EPs and various other bits and pieces so it's nice to see the momentum going.
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It's a gorgeous track, but I'm not sure what the response will be amongst the posters here. It's very much in-line with the sound of Stay Lucky that I know wasn't so well received.
It sounds more of a blend of her last two albums to me. I liked Stay Lucky but I didn't love it. As an album I found it quite a drag to get through and I hope she overcomes those narratives of "finding the heart of a song" (-> make it slower and more ambient) and "The Graduate was my worst album, I was just chasing a hit".
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The SPEED at which I unfollowed her. Good god, I hate people.


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Really lovely to have the PDF booklet explaining the background about each of the songs. Nerina is sooo good to her fans, so much music to digest!
Oh Berlin is a nice song but I felt no urge to listen to it again like I did with so many other previous songs of hers, the last being Boy On The Bus. Well, it’s no lead single material. And, yeah, it’s a shame Nerina hasn’t understood yet that The Graduate is without a doubt her best album (especially if you consider the bonus tracks). But I still have high hopes for the new album.
Yep, Next Life is fantastic. I really like the production, sort of separates it from being yet another ballad (not that I would complain about that from Nerina, personally).

The mini-gigs are something I would have jumped at a chance to go to at any other time, but right now I'm not keen. I hope it's a fantastic evening for Nerina and everyone in attendance though.