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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I’ve just finished Tiny Pretty Things and I know it gets dragged a little but I enjoyed watching it so much! Great escapism easy to watch drama.
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  2. Just finished Alice In Borderland. It had some what the fuck moments but highly recommend. At times it reminded me of The Walking Dead before it went to shit.
    It’s only 8 episodes which works. No filler and the plot moves along in a timely manner.

    Season 2 is gonna be a long wait!

  3. Somehow i’m already on episode 9 of Tiny Pretty Things, the acting is so bad but it’s been an ok watch, not as good as the trailer made it seem though.
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  4. I literally came to this thread to see if anyone had said good things about this. Saw it announced on netflix and thought the plot looked interesting. Will be checking it out.
  5. I'm most of the way through, and yeah, it's great. The beginning is pretty Danganronpa-death-game-by-numbers, and the pacing is a tad slow, but the escalation... yas. And, like all the best thrillers, the emphasis isn't just on the (excellent) setpieces, but also the very human characters navigating them and dealing with each other.
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  6. For whatever reason, I decided to suffer through all of Tiny Pretty Things, which I was hoping would be some light, fun Pretty Little Liars-style trash. Unfortunately, the show we got is the worst television series I’ve EVER seen, hands down. Not only are these the worst actors I’ve ever encountered in screen, the writing is painful, the Islamophobia/homophobia is abundant, and the episodes are all nearly (or over) an hour in length. It is a deeply painful experience that I wouldn’t dare recommend to anyone. And yet, I’m sure I’ll get sucked into a Season 2.
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  7. We watched Lovebirds last night... I refuse to believe my queen Issa Rae contributed to that. I refuse.
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  8. You see, I love a good dance-based show as much as the next terpsichorean, but Tiny Pretty Things has such mixed reviews (except when it comes to the acting - every review I've read pans this) - I'm wondering whether to even try.
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  9. I like Tiny Pretty Things, not love. Not good enough to binge but cute enough to keep watching when I have nothing thing else.

    Ooop just watched another episode and I actually really liked it. It’s fun.
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  10. New docu series is pretty gripping

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  11. Just finished season 1 of Broadchurch and I don't know that I've cried that hard at a season finale... ever? Like literal weeping. I'm gonna watch season 2 but I don't see how or why this story needs to continue?
  12. It doesn’t really... but it does.
    Don’t be put off, stay with it, Season 3 is also superb.
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  13. Do you need to have seen season 2 to watch season 3? I remember really enjoying season 1. It's been a couple of years, but I couldn't make it through more than maybe two episodes of season 2. It got so pulpy and soapy and melodramatic. The tone felt so off -- everything from the writing to the acting to even the scoring.
  14. I don't think you really do, no
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  15. Speaking of ITV dramas, I'm on season two of Unforgotten. I don't remember it getting much hype but it has the critical acclaim online. The first season was so-so but you could see the potential was there with the ever iconic Nicola Walker, but the second was just so layered and brilliant. If you're into murder mysteries check it out.

    I'm going to move on to season three then I might try Broadchurch.
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  16. Unforgotten was brilliant!
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  17. Alright I’m on episode 5 of season 2 and I’m really rooting for Mr. Latimer to die. I hate him. He is the worst. I have no sympathy left for this awful person.

    Edit: Ok at the end now and that was a little harsh, but still, I get he's a flawed man but he's also a very stupid one.
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  18. The Night Stalker documentary is glossy but it’s soooo boring. How did they even fuck this up?
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  19. Teenage Bounty Hunters is a fun watch, if anyone hasn’t seen it.
  20. I binged the C4 show Humans over the past few days on Netflix and my lord it's great. Gemma Chan is an icon and the parallels with how a large section of our society is still unfairly treated are so timely.
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