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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Behind Her Eyes:

    Truly one of the most stupid endings I have ever seen... like... what did I just watch. More importantly, why am I now down a rabbit hole of theories on Twitter and reading about how Louise actually became a pigeon that turned up in her kitchen at the end when the new Louise walked in ddd.

    The series wasn’t without its gags but there was potential for this to actually go somewhere interesting. Silly me for thinking the ending would pleasantly surprise me, honestly, I’m such a clown.
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  2. Behind Her Eyes was complete trash and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t see the final final final twist coming at all.

    What a terrible, brilliant show.
  3. It took me longer than I had hoped to get through, but I finally finished Firefly Lane and I really thought it was great. I know the reviews were tepid, but it was the perfect fluffy melodrama that was so easy to get into. I know there is only one book, but it would be amazing if they got a second season, just to tie up loose ends. Plus, it’s been hanging in the Netflix Top 10 list since it first came out and was number 1 for a few weeks too, so even if the critics panned it, it did good numbers for Netflix.
  4. I've finally started watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (which I love!) so I have so much to watch when I'm done with that. When they get it right, it's so funny. Also Darryl <3, my heart!

    I just started Season 3 and I'm screaming that her dark hair makes her basically look like Sinead from B*witched.
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  5. I'm completely lost with Netflix. All I've been watching lately is Parks and Rec and The Office.
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  6. Add Superstore to your roster, for a perfect manage-a-tois
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  7. Didnt even realise the actress that plays Adele is Bono’s daughter.
  8. Perfect show is still perfect. It got a bit on an undeserved bad rap towards the end, but I loved it through to the final episode.
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  9. None of this are on Netflix Greece grr.
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  10. Rita Ora must have a producer credit on all of them ddd
  11. I started Ginny and Georgia this morning and yes, we are stanning on that one! It gives me major Desperate Housewives vibes. Love!

    I also noticed that The Bold Type is coming to Netflix. I’ve already seen seasons 1-3 on Amazon Prime, fingers crossed they also air season 4 as I haven’t seen that yet.
  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm currently on my 2nd rewatch with a friend who hasn't seen it and it's every bit as poignant, funny and relatable as on the first run. I think I might even appreciate it more knowing where it's going.
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  14. Yaaaaaassss! Thank you!!
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  15. Ooh The Bold Type is coming to Netflix Gr next week. Is it good?
  16. Hell yeah. The characters are interesting, the storylines reasonably relatable, the drama not too over-the-top, the boss fantastic - imagine if Sex & The City was done where everyone has a job at a magazine and (unlike Carrie) weren't annoying.
  17. I can’t remember who said it, but someone said The Bold Type was the perfect blueprint for what could have been the Lizzie McGuire reboot and it’s so bloody true.
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  18. I watch the first episode of Ginny & Georgia last night and am already hooked! It’s like a messy mish-mash of 10 other Netflix shows (I saw someone say it’s basically the entire Netflix algorithm in one series) but it was so much fun and the two leads are incredibly endearing. It felt like a far less insufferable Gilmore Girls, but with a mystery element thrown into the mix. It was the perfect follow-up to Firefly Lane. Also Jocelyn from Schitts Creek is already a scream.

    @Vasilios The Bold Type is delightful. It’s wonderful mindless young adult fodder. Very Devil Wears Prada/Sex & The City-influenced with three fantastic lead actresses. I’m a bit devastated it’s heading into its final season.
  19. jtm


    I watched Made You Look and it‘s a great documentary. I kind of want to be involved in the high stakes art world in my next life but oh my god does everyone involved in this deserve what they got.

    Edit: And everyone who watches this - watch out for the gallery lawyer. He is so unbelievably unconvincing in his statements it‘s borderline parody.
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  20. I remember speaking to you before about The Bold Type (love to have a fellow stan on here!)

    Do you know when it’s coming? I still haven’t been able to start Season 4 and they’re already filming Season 5.

    EDIT: I got too excited and responded too quickly without reading the comments underneath - sorry! So excited!!!
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