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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Sky Rojo is iconic though sis. Lali's character is everything.
  2. July 15th, Season 2 of Never Have I Ever drops!

    Official trailer is said to be coming tomorrow.
  3. Halston is great. I’d never heard of him before but Ewan McGregor is amazing in it.

  4. This sounds like you don't know who Ewan McGregor is...
  5. Yesssssss, I LOVED Season 1!
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  6. Haha, funny - thanks grammar police, it was way past my bedtime when I posted that! Hope you managed to realise what I actually meant.

    Halston is really good - check it out!
  7. I enjoyed Halston.
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  8. I gave Awake a go because the premise seems interesting but wow, what a fucking dull film. I gave up after 25 minutes. Ironic that a film called Awake seems to be a great way to put you to sleep!
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  9. I just finished K-drama "Vincenzo" - this is only the second K-drama I've ever seen and it was so good - over-the-top and unrealistic at times but an enjoyable storyline, a very charismatic leading man, and fun twists! I highly recommend.
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  10. I'm always here to support up and coming actor Ewan McDonald
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  11. It seems good but I can't get past the 2013 Instagram filter, the colours all being too intense etc dd
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  12. Another spanish show i just started watching! Why do they make such good shows?

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  13. That’s next on my list after I finish 2 K-dramas. A show that i have just few more episodes to go through is Law School. For anyone who enjoyed How To Get Away With Murder, it should be right up your alley. It can be over the top and ridiculous just like any K-Drama but it has its “real” moments and tries its best to teach you about S. Korean Law. Fantastic Show!

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  14. Season 5 of Workin' Moms was released on Netflix UK today - yay!
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  15. I started watching it last night, it feels kind of strange/disjointed to me, like it’s missing some of its charm from the first seasons? Probably due to Covid.

    With that said, I do love the addition of Sloan and I hope she isn’t just shoehorned into this season only.
  17. Looks just as delightful as Season 1. Can’t come soon enough!
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  18. Yep, this looks amazing. This is going to be such a joy to watch this summer!
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  19. So I just finished Kim’s Convenience, absolutely loved the show!
    But did anyone think the ending felt kinda off? Like the final scene? I dunno, it just seemed like something more was gonna happen but it just ended.
  20. Between Love Victor, High School Musical The Musical The Series and Never Have I Ever, when was the point that I devolved to exclusively watching fluff intended for teenagers?

    I guess there's something about the absence of drugs, sex, crime and violence that I like about them.
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