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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I originally assumed that this would be a film, but it's a mini-series. I found it to be a rather enjoyable watch:

    And it's a mystery, @soratami. It's not episodic though.
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  2. Just finished this and thought it was fantastic! Very exciting.
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  3. Mmm Clickbait kinda fell apart for me in the very last episode dddd.
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  4. 2 episodes in and I’m really enjoying The Chair. The trailer for it led me to believe it would be an entirely different show, which is why I went into it with a bit of hesitancy. Sandra Oh is brilliant as usual.
  5. And I finished The Chair within the day! I’m not sure what the reviews for it were like, but I thought the whole show was a great watch.

    I wish they focused less on Bill’s character as he didn’t come across likeable as the episodes went on. They had so many other stories they could have fleshed out if they wanted to. But I guess with 6 episodes they’re somewhat limited for time.

    I also want to say how great Amanda Peet was as creator and producer of the show. She’s consistently so good in everything she does - her stint on The Good Wife was great and her portrayal was Betty Broderick in Season 2 of Dirty John last summer was one of the best performances of last year. So good!!

    I didn’t mind the underlying rom-com element of The Chair either. I know it wasn’t everyone’s bag, but I found it pleasant enough.

    Though the ending seemed to tie things up fairly nicely, I really hope they bring the show back for another season. There are so many more stories they can touch on and, rather selfishly, I just want more Sandra Oh!
  6. So I just watched He’s All That and despite some terrible moments it was actually overall fine. I never knew Kourtney Kardashian was in it beforehand, albeit briefly, and I thought Addison Rae was decent. It’s not exactly the type of film that requires Oscar-worthy performances.

    Also, despite being a fan of the original way back when, I didn’t even recognise Rachel Leigh Cook until the very end when Kiss Me was playing and it clicked!
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  7. Oh I found He's All That to be the worst 90 minutes of my life. And that was after I finished downing two bottles of wine. Suddenly The Kissing Booth 3 looked like an Oscar contender.
  8. Cruel Summer is amazing. So twisted and exciting. I loved it! Especially the last episode.
  9. I’m an old so I wouldn’t have been able to pick her out of a lineup before the movie but wow does she favor Camila Belle.
  10. Is anyone watching Brand New Cherry Flavor? It is surreal and amazing.
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  11. I loved Brand New Cherry Flavour. So, so bizarre, but very good!

    I read that it only really covers the first 100 pages of the book, so I do hope they will do more.
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  12. It took me awhile but the Chris Watts’ doco Netflix version was really more of the same from what we got on YouTube except for the text messages part from the wife.

    I don't think I can ever get over this true crime story, and I've seen a lot of them. A sociopath is a sociopath, I guess. Imagine sharing 6 years of your life with someone and having two kids, and then that someone...

    Truly horrifying.
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  13. Not a good time to be a Good Girls follower because the fourth and (I suppose unexpected) final season ended with not a lot of closure. Heck the final episode didn't even seem like a season finale, let alone series.
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  14. Have just finished bingeing Q Force and really enjoyed it

    I laughed several times and was actually quite England with the plot. There's an ongoing narrative which allowed you to become involved with the characters and it's not the hideously cringey mess the trailer responses would have you believe
  15. Just finished volume 1 of Money Heist part 5. Enjoyed it much more than part 4. And the last 10 minutes of episode 5… I still find it difficult to close my mouth again…
  16. This bit killed me!!
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  17. This half-season was full of plot holes but it's also very enjoyable especially the last episode.
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  18. I’ve been really glum this past week so I’ve thrown myself into watching more Netflix than usual.

    The 9/11 documentary, I think it’s called Turning Point, is really good. It does a good job of going over familiar ground but then also providing a new, government focused dimension to the whole thing. It made me so mad again at how wasteful the war ended up being. Sigh.

    Q-Force was hilarious. I know it won’t get a second season because the reviews have been so bad. But I found the whole thing so silly and funny. Perhaps it could picked up by Adult Swim like Tuca & Bertie did?

    My mum has been begging me to get into Gilmore Girls for the longest time. I finally started it and Jesus Christ the mother daughter relationship just feels so codependent?! I thought Abbie and Ilana from abroad City we’re bad! But I’ll keep going with it because I know it’s a beloved show.
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