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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Imagine being this dumb, scream. I actually felt the film was maybe a bit too clear / explained things too much and it could've done with less 'explaining'.

    Yeah Power of the Dog is the film of the year. Oscars please!

    Jane Campion truly changed my life, it was The Piano that saved me, at 20 years old or so, from a lifetime of watching blockbusters and dumb films and showed me there's more things out there. Harvey Keitel being an absolute sex god also helped.
  2. I gave up after 5 minutes…
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  3. I'm watching Don't Look Up and it's basically the 2021 fake news version of Mars Attacks. Absolutely love it.
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  4. I’m watching Don’t Look Up now and I thought it was a comedy? I’m not finding anything funny.
  5. I just finished Don’t Look Up and really enjoyed it. Shame the reviews have all been scathing.
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  6. I really enjoyed Don't Look Up too! I found it unexpectedly moving (and scarily realistic).
  7. I really like Don’t Look Up.

    I’m guessing the bad reviews are because reviewers have to justify their jobs by writing over-the-top reviews that will attract attention.
  8. Yeah I can understand why people wouldn’t like it. I think what made me properly like it was how oddly on the money it was with how the public and big business would react to such an impending disaster. The way I got March 2020 war flashbacks!!!
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  9. I loved it too, I thought it was great, shades of Veep and terrifyingly on the nose in a lot of areas, I think it was a brilliantly done film and highly entertaining!
  10. I was expecting Don’t Look Up to be terrible based on the reviews but I thought it was pretty decent.
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  11. Are all film critics Republicans? Because I'm finding Don't Look Up brilliant, and probably my favorite film this year
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  12. That's a shame. It was hilarious
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  13. I'm really enjoying Twentysomethings: Austin. The cast is just really well selected, and it's very heartwarming and chill.
  14. I think the people who like Don’t Look Up are probably those who get the references to Musk, Fox News, Trump etc.

    Like’s been said before I can imagine people on the right side of politics hate it.
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  15. I feel like the heart of the film was in the right place but it didn't always work. I'd give it a 6.5 honestly.
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  16. I enjoyed Don't Look Up, but it was honestly so depressing.
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  17. I’m working through my Netflix list while I’m stuck at home with Covid. I finally got round to Single All The Way - I thought it was super sweet! You could see the entire plot from a mile away but sometimes you need a fluffy movie like this just to pass the time.
  18. I get what Don’t Look Up was trying to do but it didn’t land most the time for me. I did think the last 15 mins was surprisingly emotional.
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  19. I didn’t expect this, but excited to see how the season pans out.
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