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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I appreciate that they address the scandal head on, which surprised me, and I’m intrigued by this introduction of the rival school. I think this could be another fantastic season; I’m looking forward to it.

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  2. I watched “Body Cam” with Mary J. Blige and enjoyed it. Quite scary in some parts.
  3. I've watched Don't Look Up and... I'm still deciding if it falls in the so-bad-it's-good category. Like, the idea behind it was great, but the execution felt so amateurish and directionless? A lot of scenes were just awkward, with the tone of the whole thing shifting every 10 minutes. The best part was the family dinner scene, which felt like it belonged to a completely different movie; of course after that there were those two additional ending scenes that dumbed the movie down again.

    Also the all-stars cast felt like a tactic to hide the very weak comedy. Like, the president is not funny per se, it's the idea of Meryl playing her, same goes for Timothee and its character.

    I don't know, it felt like watching a car crash, entertaining but unfortunate.
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  4. The hair and makeup artists on Don't Look Up should never work in film again.
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  5. Don’t Look Up was a weird movie. The idea of it is funny but I don’t think much of the movie actually was.
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  6. The Elize Matsunaga story. I’m on episode one it’s creepy as all hell.

    I can’t wait for more. AND THEY got to interview her? WOW BETHENNY WOW.
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  7. Satires are ridiculously difficult to get right. This one felt too smug and too self conscious to be truly enjoyable. A real shame.
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  8. A new batch of Queer Eye episodes are out and surprisingly.. good.
  9. What have I missed out on in 2021 that I really ought to have seen?
  10. The Nicole Byer stand-up special is fantastic. Just the laugh I needed.

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  11. Don’t Look Up was too on the nose.
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  13. Anyone watching the reboot of Rebelde? I hate it so much.
  14. My boyfriend and I really liked The Lost Daughter. I was worried it wasn’t going anywhere in the first 20 mins when it was just scenery and longing stares. But it got there in the end. Really liked the whole premise.
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  15. Really liked The Times Square killer documentary Netflix has at the moment. It’s 3 episodes long and gets straight to the point. It seems like Netflix has heard criticisms of their weaker crime documentaries being bloated and longer than they need to be, especially when the story doesn’t have much going for it.

    I had no idea Times Square was once basically the red light district! The crimes committed are horrendous but I also learned a lot, so a win win for me.
  16. I'm watching Death To 2021.
    Stockard Channing, Lucy Lui, Diane Morgan and Joe Kerry OH MY
  17. Arcane is way, way better than it has any right to be. Got a few episodes left but it’s already a bit of a masterpiece.
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  18. It’s really insane how good it is, really amazing.
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  19. I started watching “Manifest” about a week ago and almost finished season 3. Really enjoying this and look forward to the 4th season. Anyone else been watching this?
  20. I started watching a while back after a colleague recommended it but I didn't fully get into it... it felt a little too 'network television' for me. Maybe I will give it another shot.
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