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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Some parts do seem a bit like that especially in the first and second season.
    I read that NBC actually cancelled the show after season 3 but Netflix has now picked it up and is producing season 4. Will be interesting to see if there is a difference with a bigger budget.
  2. I really enjoyed this too. But I'm a total sucker for these crime docs. This was a decent effort though.

    Echoing the views on Arcane. I didn't think it was for me at all, but it's fucking sensational. Also think I might have awakened a new kink because the character of Jayce was so hot. Oh my.
  3. Van der is where it’s at tough, wew. Those fanarts… he was drawn by a bara artist too Zor so.
  4. I didn’t think Arcane would be for me but it kind of blew me away, I loved it.
  5. I laughed and cringed through it, but afterwards I felt so down for about a day.
  6. The Lost Daughter... filmed in Greece, up on Netflix globally instead of Greece. Make it makes sense.
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  7. I gave Stay Close a try but it did not grip me in any way.
  8. Emily in Paris being renewed for two(!) seasons while Society got cancelled after one... @Netflix stop being homophobic!!!
  9. Society being canceled after it had been renewed for a Season2 still hurts.
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  10. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned in here yet but ‘Maid’ is absolutely incredible.
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  11. WTF is Society (let me watch).
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  12. My other half and I loved it. Watched it over two nights and were obsessed. Loved the twists at the end and it makes me want to open a club like Viper’s!
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  13. Teenagers being miserable and generally violent, with 60 seconds of a lovely gay story in each episode.
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  14. Don't spoil but isn't Lindsay from B*witched appearing in Stay Close?
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  15. Why am I so obsessed with Betty en NY? I can’t stop watching…
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  16. I’ve been watching the new Netflix series Archive 81. So creepy and intense. Definitely worth a watch if you like horror stuff.

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  17. Yes. I watched the first episode the other day and thought 'she looks that Lindsay from B*Witched?!?' I was unaware she had gone into acting
  18. Just finished Arcane....

    An actual classic. Just read it took them 6 years to make this, consider me perched for season 2 in 2028!
  19. I've been binging Netflix true crime endlessly and this is the quick review you didn't ask for:

    The Motive - Kinda horrible. I thought the reenactments were real but very bizarre story/case. One of the cops were so annoying and the defense lawyer was basically a horrible bullshitter. I hate lawyers.

    Murder By The Coast - Amazing. Watch it. Slightly too long and then had a rushed ending but still so good and well done.

    Sophie: A Murder In West Cork - I saw the twist coming in the first episode itself but still very watchable and strange and harrowing tale. I'm so convinced that the person at the end did it.

    Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon A Crime - I'm surprised Brazil has a rule to let prisoners out for two weeks to rehabilitate. This was a good one as well. She's a monster even-though she's trying to convince otherwise.

    The Ripper - I enjoyed this one alot.

    Why Did You Kill Me? - This was just okay as well. Skippable.

    Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer - This was just okay for me. Very skippable for me.

    The Raincoat Killer - Stylishly filmed. Amazing. Insane story!

    Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes - This was very well done and doesn't overstay with too many filler episodes. Imma have nightmares.

    The Women & The Murderer - This was fine but the court/trial retelling was good.

    Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meir - AMAZING. Loved it. Perfect length too!

    Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan - Skip it. TRASH.

    Under Suspicion: Uncovering the Wesphael Case - He did it. I'm so sure about it. Absolutely bizarre case.
    I'm shook that he got off and got compensated by the government after.
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  20. Just finished Arcane and it's probably one of the most visually stunning things I've ever seen. Like mama the execution! The story was great too. I only realized on the last episode that's it's based on a videogame nn
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