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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Netflix are raising prices in US and Canada again, so it's only a matter of time for ROW now. I guess those new Emily In Paris seasons don't pay for themselves!
  2. GLOW came up on my recommended viewing suggestions today and I got all sad again remembering how we were meant to have a proper final season but they decided to cancel the whole thing because new Covid filming rules would’ve made it a nightmare. We deserve closure damnit!
  3. Just finished binging Kitz and basically
    would be a great description for this as well. It was high teen camp and I really enjoyed it, even though the main character was very unlikeable and her motive was very basic and questionable.
  4. If you're looking for a murder mystery series set in 1980s Cold War Poland, I recommend The Mire. (Though... watch it in the original Polish because you're not a philistine.)

    If you're looking for a gay-themed murder mystery movie set in 1980s Cold War Poland (and amongst the real-life anti-gay mass operation by the communist Polish police), I recommend Operation Hyacinth.

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  5. Another Stay Close question, where do I know Richard Armitage from? He looks v familiar but none of his works listed rings a bell.
  6. He was in Hannibal Season 3 if you watched that, and if you haven’t you definitely should. He was in the Hobbit films, the adaptation of North and South and in that Netflix show The Stranger. That’s all of what I know him from.
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  7. The Stranger yes!
    I have not watched any of the others.
    Thanks so much.
  8. Just finished The Silent Sea and it was great. All the reviews that said it was slow are on crack. Tense and stressful as hell, and Gong Yoo and Bae Doona are legends.
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  9. I know there’s a separate thread but Cheer is back and it’s amazing.
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  10. Thank you for this! The amount of true crime stuff on there is a bit overwhelming. You might consider putting that last one under a spoiler quote.
  11. Have binged all of Archive 81 in one day. Mix of found footage, with hints of the Shining that goes all bonkers towards the end. Right up my street

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  12. Done.

    I know there are a lot of true crime stuff in Netflix but as a true crime fan, I can’t help but want more. GIMMEH.
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  13. jtm


    Great write up, thanks. I did like the Times Square one more than you, mostly for me it was the whole history of the area and the generally fascinating archive footage of the time that I loved. And I had never heard of the case.

    These true crime shows are the one thing I can never get enough of. The rest of Netflix I can do without these days. Except Cheer of course.
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  14. When missing turns to murder on Netflix is pretty good as well and a lot of the victims families talk so it shows you the impact these crimes have.
  15. Toy Boy is returning on Feb 11th.

    The first season was camp drama so I can‘t wait.
  16. The true crime shows on Netflix are mostly stylishly made and produced BUT they’re also way too long. We honestly don’t need more than 4/5 episodes. I don’t know why they keep doing this.
  17. After Life is fucking hilarious (and sad).

    EDIT: just finished the last episode, i’m a mess!
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  18. Their latest one about Times Square killer is only 3 episodes long so hopefully they finally learned that.
  19. There’s a new one coming up about a con artist - let’s see how long that is.

    I’m currently binging Stay Close - “He’s dressed like an ice cream.” sent me.
  20. I’m watching Stay Close but I’m really struggling with some of the gaping plot holes.
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