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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. The holes are it's charm! Just finished it, such good trashy tele.
  2. I'm on episode 7. Not one fucking thing makes a bit of sense.

    And the dancing psychopaths? I just...what???
  3. I’m on the fifth episode of Stay Close and it’s getting progressively worse.

    I hope they can tie this into a worthy conclusion because if not…
  4. I loved The Stranger and Safe.

    Stay Close… not so much.
  5. Googling Richard Armitage and finding 'Richard Armitage Brazil' and 'Richard Armitage Bulgaria' accounts. The thirst!
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  6. I’m very late to the the party but I finally watched Maid and wow, so good. Absolutely loved it, got emotional at the end.
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  7. That fucking ending, GURL BYE.
    Why didn’t the daughter just ask the dad where the car was?
    A MESS. 8 episodes of this. THANKS I hate it, Netflix.
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  8. The Stranger was shite, Stay Close is shite, what did you all expect?
  9. Whooo even cared where that B*witched step-son was, I had like 0 interest in what happened to him. This was just so easy to watch / ridicule kinda like Emily In Paris without the embarrassing bits.
  10. I'm almost done with Archive 81 and I absolutely love it. It's like American Horror Story in its glory days...really well thought out, intricate plot and a lot of creep factor.

    The lead actress reminds me a bit of Sarah Paulson for some reason...not how she looks, but the way she acts is very similar to how Sarah has done similar roles. I hope to see her in more stuff.
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  11. Thank you for this list, I have heard of hardly any of these!

    I'm actually appalled that the Mum's ex was charged with no evidence. The homophobia is real!
    It's scary how so many of these true crime documentaries show the police/jury system is so easily influenced by witch hunts started by the media and pressure from the general public.

    I dread to think how many people have lived their lives in prison for crimes they didn't commit.
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  12. The answer to that spoiler is A LOT! Glad you “enjoyed” it.

    Just finished The Puppet Master as well. Another good one! Netflix is really listening. This one only has three episodes, I cried two times - I never thought I would. The story was so sickening and evil. That man needs to rot. Watch it, the story needs to be seen to be believed.

    Hopefully this show picks up some momentum and the victims can finally get the justice they deserve.
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  13. I hope there will be a second season as it seems to be doing very well on Netflix charts from what I’ve read.

    It started off a bit slow but once you get in to it, it’s definitely one of the best horror series I’ve seen.
  14. I am 3 episodes in and fully expecting it to gently destroy me, as the previous seasons have.
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  15. I also watched this last night! This man is so evil!! Feel so sorry for the families. I really hope this series does bring some justice to the victims and families.
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  16. It's so hard for me to get into Netflix shows because they literally unceremoniously cancel everything early.
  17. And yet they have shows like Hype House and 100 versions of Too Hot To Handle…
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  18. I hate that they are chickening out on the concept of Too Hot To Handle. Give me an island of bisexuals and really make them all really struggle.
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  19. A Lebanese remake of Perfect Strangers (Perfetti Sconosciuti) that I absolutely recommend.

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  20. I'm kind of obsessed with Saturday Morning All-Star Hits starring @Andy French.
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