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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Zuzzy zazz x
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  2. Uh...

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  3. If they're gonna keep doing shows like Too Hot To Handle and give us multiple versions of it, I better SEE

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  4. Has anyone watched Kitz? It’s dubbed from German and is rather camp in a Revenge / Gossip Girl kind of way. 6 eps. About a girl who seeks revenge on some uber rich people in a ski resort.
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  5. I have. To me it seemed like they were trying very hard to make a German language Elite, but I enjoyed the campery nevertheless.
  6. Not seen Elite but would you recommend it?
  7. Definitely. I think the characters in Elite are more relatable and it's arguably less soapy than Kitz. Also, the mystery is more amped up, and it is HOT. And funnily, I teach from the book they always hold in the school scenes ddd.
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  8. Sorry if its already been mentioned - but anyone watching Station Eleven? Just started and its great?
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  9. I watched The Dance of the 41 last night.


    Fucking Christ.


    Would anyone recommend Paquita Salas? I know it's old, but the trailer for it came up last night and it looked fun.
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  10. I just finished Behind Her Eyes. WHAT IN THE
    kinda HOMOPHOBIC
    TWIST IS THAT?! I kinda live for the messery.
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  11. I’m already hooked - thank you!
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  12. Paquita Salas is fun but very reference heavy, so you might miss a lot of it if you're not Spanish or knowledgeable about Spanish pop culture.
  13. Archive 81 was a really interesting premise and story but I kind of wish some of the execution was slightly better. I was also extremely tired of the two leads by the end.
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  14. Netflix really have an issue with stringing stories out over far too many episodes. Stay Close could have been wrapped up in 6 episodes and I’m on episode 5 of Archive 81 and pretty much nothing has happened over the last couple of episodes.
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  15. He


    I just finished and really liked it. You are very right that the lead's expressions are ridiculously similar to Paulson!

    I enjoyed the slow burn and occultism. The sound design and soundtrack were great. I literally watched in two days, as it was quite effective at drip feeding interesting information!

    The final two episodes were a bit meh: the flashback one was dull and broke the pace completely. It could have been condensed to 6 episodes, as characters start to get progressively dumb.
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  16. I'd have taken another 6 Stay Close episodes dd. I don't know, the 'nothing is happening' vibe along with the Blackpool (?) scenery and the lead being a queen... it made for such a mindless viewing.
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  17. You just want the inspector dad! It ran way too long sis honestly.
  18. Noooo, the photographer dad sis.
  19. But isn’t he “too young” for your taste dddd

    I for sure thought it was inspector dad ALSKSFJF
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  20. Sis that one looks like James Arthur's gran stop itttt.
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