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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I agree that he's obviously a vile person, but I didn't find him or the victims that compelling. Frankly, some of the victims struck me as shockingly naïve. I mean it's one thing for the victims who were romantic partners of his. I can understand how that can sway someone -- especially someone who may be emotionally vulnerable, but...

    ...Sarah who spent a decade with him "on the run" from the IRA? I don't know. I feel like you could sell Las Vegas beachfront property to her.
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  2. Currently binging Superstore again rather than watching anything on my watchlist and it really is one of the best shows of the last decade or so.
    Sandra forever my favourite.
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  3. The Puppet Master crime documentary is equal parts fucked, wild and heartbreaking. 3 episodes long - I highly recommend.
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  4. I'm still thinking about it. How is he still free? Selling dogs? SCUM.
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  5. The Woman From Across The Wino Painting A Caserole... SCREAMMMM

    What is this?!
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  6. It’s the best show on Netflix. Wait till you get to the twist!
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  7. 'It's all a dream, they are ghosts, she's a PJer'... can't wait to find out!
    I'm on E3.
  8. 'what is that scar?'

    'it's from when I gave my kidney to my brother'

    'and it didn't take'

    'and he died after'


    'the only thing he slayed that night was his dance'

    Also I am living for the police woman serving Xscape member.
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  9. I enjoyed ' The woman across...' I felt if it had anyone other than Kristen Bell in the lead it wouldn't have worked - I think they could have done more to amp up the parody but it was a really fun watch

    And that last episode cameo bodes well for maybe a second series or feature length follow up
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  10. I just watched The Tinder Swindler. It makes me so mad people like this exisit! I couldn’t believe the ending..
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  11. I've just finished Archive 81 and it was so drawn out. I didn't like this at all. I mean, it started out very intriguing and ominous and ended up just plain dull. The connection between the worlds, the cult, etc. felt very reductive compared to a couple of bits and pieces that hinted at more elaborate things happening. I had a lot of theories and everything ended up being resolved in a very simplistic way. The show was not as clever as they wanted it to be.
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  12. Regarding The Tinder Swindler, I can’t believe he’s still free and flexing on Instagram.

    He is a scumbag.
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  13. But really I can't believe a TV series in 2022
    had a child being the villain that ended up being stabbed by a broken piece of a casserole dish... like someone wrote that, it got green lit, people in meetings okayed it and it got filmed and shown on TV.
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  15. Make it good then.

    Don't get me started on the fact the 'hot dad' wasn't hot at all - or the fact he was inaudible most of the time, why was he whispering?
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  16. The hot dad was never hot for me. And the other hot guy with the abs was not that hot either.

    I thought the ending was good.
    Cause they purposely developed the relationship the protagonist had with the kid and nobody saw that coming. Especially when they kept shoving very suspicious people like the mailman and the bestie in our faces. Anyway this show, including the killer being a kid, wasn't meant to be taken seriously - so for me i thought it was a hoot when it was revealed. Also kids do kill at that age, in real life, I've seen enough true crimes to know this ddd
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  17. I actually
    said to my boyfriend the kid did it after E3. Cause the whole show screamed 'omg ZANY SHOW kii' from the jump.

    I guess the one good thing was the cool wine opener?
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  18. Just finished The Woman… and I can’t think of the last series I watched that was so deeply uninteresting.
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  20. Nothing peaks my interest other than Knives Out 2 and even then I'm not excited
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