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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. The Johnathan Van Ness show is fun, a little too over produced for me but I guess that’s down to it being a Wow Presents production.
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  2. I‘ve just finished watching this and I’m gobsmacked. I literally don’t have any words…
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  3. Re: The Tinder Swindler… I know the main takeaway is intended to be that the man was/is a sociopath and a pathological liar and we ought to be critical of him, not the women. Maybe it’s because I’ve never experienced all-encompassing, ravishing love before, but I do wonder how many new bank accounts you have to open before you say “y’know what, no relationship is worth this much financial obligation”?
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  4. The Tinder Swindler was a great documentary. It feels like Netflix has upped its game with its crime docs as of late after months of duds.

    Obsessed with the woman that turned the tables and swindled money out of him from he clothes! That’s stannable behaviour there. But oh my god what a frustrating ending to the whole story - he’s such a piece of shit.
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  5. I did think this as well but they were in so deep so even if they were scared if they called him out or stopped giving him money then he wouldn’t “pay them back”

    How he isn’t in jail serving multiple sentences is beyond a joke.
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  6. LTG


    Every time I skim someone saying Tinder Swindler I read Tilda Swinton

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  7. The Tinder Swindler has the perfect length as well. No more elongated docos Netflix thanks!

    And the new two about Boeing + Roomates, I AM LIVING. Keep em coming!
  8. Also how do you just send a picture of your passport to a stranger?
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  9. Had no idea Escape From Spiderhead was being made into a film. Interesting to see how they’ll make it feature length, but the short story is fantastic so I’m excited.

    Semplica Girl Diaries next, please!
  10. He carefully manipulated them tho as friends. He didn’t ask for their passports from the get. He worked on building that trust for months + trips + listening + being there for them as a friend and boyfriend.
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  11. Just finished the tinder swindler. Don't think a documentary has given me so much anxiety in a long time. Ayleen is a queen but what a frustrating end to the story.
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  12. The Tinder Swindler should’ve been a podcast ddd. Like, the majority of the visuals were just what’s app messages, it was all a bit much.
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  13. The spiritual sequel to Monte Carlo that we didn't know that we needed:

    It's interesting that they switched the novel's Lisbon setting for Croatia. I wonder if there are any other deviations to its source material.

    I'm just happy to see Leighton in a movie again.
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  14. This camp classic can’t come soon enough!
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  15. Not Netflix but Hulu, anyone else excited for 'The Dropout' (Amanda Seyfried playing Theronas CEO Elizabeth Holmes) to, well, drop?

    To that point, do we have individual threads for each of the streaming services, I can't keep up as it is, I wonder if this should be re-named to 'General Streaming Recommendations' instead?
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  16. jtm


    We have one called Streaming Wars that kind of works like a General Streaming one. But with shows being on different services depending on the country you are in (including Netflix), it probably would make sense to merge things.
  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    We also have Additional Streaming Recommendations, a lot of Hulu stuff gets posted in there.

    If you guys want separate threads for HBO/Hulu/Amazon/Apple TV/etc., that's fine with me! I can split up the posts in the Additional Streaming thread to do that.
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  18. Having separate threads for each streaming platform would make it easier, thank you @Sinful for suggesting it. The only issue I can imagine is that stuff that streams on Hulu in America is streamed on Disney+ here in the UK, which might cause duplication or confusion of where a show is being watched. But thats minor in the grand scheme of things.
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