Netflix recommendations

Has anyone else watched Murderville? I haven’t seen all the episodes yet but I’ve really enjoyed the first three. Marshawn Lynch in particular was a lot of fun in his episode.
I quite enjoyed season one of Sweet Magnolias (maybe due to lockdown or whatever) but season two is…. bad! Like, it’s the same but I find it SO hard to watch now. The over acting/bad acting is so noticeable now too. Plus JLS is in it, yuk!
Even though the film was pretty predictable, just WOW at the performances in Power Of The Dog. Everyone was excellent in it. The great direction and score did an amazing job portraying the insidious undertone in the first half of the movie.
Just finished Superstore from start to finish, now I feel sad. Hadn't seen season 6 before and I really enjoyed it, it managed to not dip in quality even with America leaving and COVID. I am SO happy to see Sandra being married, happy and a Mum. It made my heart melt seeing how natural she is in the role.
Dina being manager was great too.