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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Lol Inventing Anna... ma'am that's Nicola Roberts.
  2. Sweet Magnolias came up on my recommend list and was a 98% match. I watched about 20 mins and just couldn’t get into it. It felt so twee, and Judas Lynn Spears is in it which didn’t help.

    On paper I should have really clicked with One Of Us Is Lying, but again after 30 mins I just couldn’t follow the story. Also some of the acting is super ropey.
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    • I thought you were talking about Tilda Swinton
  3. Emily in Paris. What kind of heterosexual nonsense.
  4. Speaking of

    I started Cobra Kai last night and I'm already on Season 4

  5. Finally watched The Tinder Swindler too... I mean, damn. The fact that he's still active on his Instagram, flexing, opening up a Cameo account and overall enjoying his newfound "fame"... it's giving sociopath.

    She warned us

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  6. There will be a line of people queueing to either to change him or to enjoy that lifestyle for a hot minute
  7. The Case Against Boeing is a really good documentary. I kinda wish they focused a bit more on the human impact of their greed and disregard for safety, but overall it was really well made.

    It makes me happy that Netflix seems to have found it’s mojo again with its documentaries.
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  8. This is an Anna Chlumsky stan account!
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  9. jtm


    I had to stop Inventing Anna four episodes in. Between the accent, the annoying journalist and the extremely drawn out story (not only 9 episodes, but some of them almost 90 minutes) I can‘t even bring myself to hatewatch. I‘d love to see a crisp 90 minute documentary about this though.
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  10. I've heard it's a lot of fun, I'll be checking it out soon!
  11. I believe you find this is premium grade heterosexual nonsense set in the City of Heteroromantic norms, not just sparkling nonsense.
  12. Just saw the Boeing documentary, it’s so disgusting that the CEO got 62 million and what did the victims’ families get? And the way they spoke of the Lion pilots in the email. WOW. So fucking gross. I’m glad they’re being exposed. This Lion air victims are the same people Erika Jayne’s husband scammed! They can’t seem to catch a break.
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  13. I am looking forward to this but I feel like it seems really odd that they are using AI to narrate his diaries? They were literally transcribed from his daily audio recordings he'd do... so why not get those tapes from the Warhol Museum? Probably because they hate licensing Warhol films/audio out... but still.
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  14. One of us is lying is worth it if for no other reason than getting to hear In Your Eyes by Jessie Ware in episode 9

    I’m a sucker for hot boys dodgy acting in places but overall it was rather fun
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  15. Inventing Anna last two episodes... Anna Clumsky overacting the overacting overactingness... please make it stop.
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  16. Binging one of us is lying. Trash but loving it a mix of gossip girl and pretty little liars
  17. I read the book recently and loved it hopefully it will be good. I also read The Weekend Away which wasn't as good but it is a decent thriller. I see it has bad score on Imdb but even if its crap I will watch the movie if only for the fact the plot is set in my country. I wonder why they decided to change the location from Portugal.
  18. I watched “The weekend away” thought it was one of the worst storyline’s I have seen in a movie.
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